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We Should Leave Afghanistan

Debating with the enemy

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Re: We Should Leave Afghanistan

Originally Posted by SBXVII View Post
Not to bring up old threads but ....

World News - Taliban to Afghans: Kill foreigners over Quran burnings

I've been thinking it's about time we Americans start protesting the Afghans and buring their flag and making comments to harm the Taliban.

Here's my whole problem with their anger:

What is the proper way to dispose of a bible? There is no consensus. Some say bury it. Some say simply throw it in the trash. Some say what I always thought and thats to burn it because it's a sacred item. So although we threw them in the trash it was burned. Why the anger?

Someone else pointed out another issue and that is:

1- they burn the American flag and no apology.
2- they will arrest anyone who teaches Christianity.
3- they kidnap Americans when they get a chance.
4- they behead Americans when they get a chance.
5- and given the chance I'm sure they would burn or destroy a bible.

Yet we have to apologize to them for disposing of a sacred article the way we believe it's supposed to be disposed? Maybe if everytime we saw them burn and American flag on TV we ran into the streets burning Quran's they would get the hint. or everytime we hear of an American taken hostage we ran into the streets burning Quran's they would get the hint. or everytime they made a threat we ran into the streets calling for their heads they would get the hint. Not that their heads aren't already on the list (Taliban) but if nothing else we should be mocking it. Call for Americans heads we call for Taliban's heads. Burn our flag we'll burn your Quran. We can lower ourselves to their standards until they get the picture.

I dont think we have to lower ourselves to their standards, but apologizing over their irrationalness and hysteria is just good old fashion ridiculous on our part and even shamefully to our country.

The reason Iran and everyone else wants a nuclear bomb is because having one instantly gives your country credibility and respect no matter how ridiculous the ideology. Just ask N. Korea and Pakistan. In fact the crazier or more irrational the ideology of the country the more respect they get.

If we are going to beg for forgiveness every time a mistake is made we are providing bad behavior with positive reinforcement and giving countries that cant get respect through the attainment of a nuke, with respect. If a toddler knows when he throws a TT he will get his way, he is going to throw an TT next time too. Next thing you know you got spoiled brat flippin out over the littlest things. The same holds true for an irrational muslim extremist and every other extremist nutbag out there watching.
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Re: We Should Leave Afghanistan

Perhaps Catholics should follow the lead of the crazy muslim extremist and go crazy too. Maybe Obama would then appoligize to them?

Would President Obama Even Dream Of Inflicting Obamacare On Al Qaeda? | Fox News

As President Obama forces his health care mandate on the faithful at home, I'm struck by how he bends over backward to respect even the most radical Islamist believers abroad. This contrast raises a question: Would President Obama even dream of inflicting Obamacare on Al Qaeda?

As Obama fights on in the U.S., there are reports of a religious protest in Afghanistan that has drawn a far more sympathetic response. The offense there, unlike the Obamacare assault, was unintentional: "the inadvertent burning of Korans" at Bagram Air Base. Although General John Allen, Obama's top man in "The Stan," apologized profusely and ordered an investigation of the soldiers responsible, that failed to avert a riot. Protester Mohammad Hakim told AP, "[N]ext time they disrespect our religion, we will defend our holy Koran, religion and faith until the last drop of blood has left in our body!"

Of course, one need not be a terrorist to get angry about the government burning holy books. Christians and Jews objected when, as reported in 2009, the U.S. Military put the torch to stacks of Bibles. That book burning, also at Bagram, wasn’t “inadvertent," either. It was preemptive. Our leaders feared that the mere presence of the Good News would upset the Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

And, needless to say, the White House did not issue an apology.

The inmates at Guantanamo Bay are free to practice their religion without government interference. Although Obama maintains that our Bill of Rights doesn't apply there (a position he may recall campaigning against), we help Al Qaeda jihadists practice their twisted version of Islam.

We supply prayer rugs and beads and complimentary Korans. We then give the inmates surgical masks to use as cradles for the books, and guards don plastic gloves to avoid touching them. The menu follows Al Qaeda's rules, too. Americans like Chief Petty Officer Colleen M. Schonhoff prepare halal meals in strict compliance with Islamic law

And duty in the Gitmo Galley is far from the worst our men and women have had to do to respect our enemies' beliefs. Consider the job performed last year by those nameless sailors aboard the USS Carl Vinson. On Obama’s orders, those seamen had to bathe the corpse of Usama bin Laden, preparation for an Islamic funeral with all the trimmings.

Here was the terrorist monster-mind of 9/11 who killed more than 2,700 people at World Trade Center , destroying New York City’s iconic towers as well as St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church (and, incidentally, the Muslim prayer room in the south tower). He’d committed atrocities from Afghanistan to Somalia to Iraq. He blew up our embassies in Africa, barracks in Saudi Arabia, and the USS Cole.

Yet Obama showed great respect for even the smallest detail of Bin Laden’s religion in death, just as he continues to respect the sensibilities of Al Qaeda terrorists to this day. So there's that nagging question again: How can the president show less respect for the beliefs of innocent American priests, rabbis, imams or nuns in life than he did for our most evil enemy in death?

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