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Sarah Palin Endorses Clint Didier For Senate

Debating with the enemy

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Re: Sarah Palin Endorses Clint Didier For Senate

Originally Posted by saden1 View Post
Stay on the sideline until you're strong enough and ready to enter a game that requires critical thinking. We wouldn't want you to get a concussions now would we?

p.s. No wonder Libertarians never win any elections...what bunch of silly people.

Libertarians never win elections since the election laws for 3rd parties are so frigging ridiculous in most states that they have to blow almost all of their $ just to get on the ballot, and the MSM in cahoots with the 2 so called parties(mostly just two wings of the same monstrosity) that they don't get any media coverage. Rand Paul, like his dad is very big on states' rights, and the Constitution, which doesn't sit to well with the poltical establishment, since they are shredding the very laws that they have created.. As for being silly people, do you really like where the two parties have led us? Do you like how they sold the average American out to the International Financiers(Big Banks), Big Pharma, the Military Industrial Complex, etc? Another question for you. Do you still hold Keynsian economics in high regard, since that has been the economic model we have been following for the past 60+ years? Seems both Dems and Reps are still in love with it even when it seems to have created a lot of booms and bust cycles throughout its lifespan. Seems to me "the game " anymore just deals with how low can you go or how much of a sellout you can be anymore. Critical thinking takes more than going along with towing the line of political correctness, which in itself is totally devoid of critical thinking, or much thinking at all!!!!!!
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Re: Sarah Palin Endorses Clint Didier For Senate

Originally Posted by Beemnseven View Post
I didn't say the issue was trivial. Property rights is extremely important. Again, that was his contention with the Civil Rights Act. But the issue and the law is settled, and in the end, I'm saying the voters will be on to more current, pressing issues. They're more concerned with the policies of fiscal insanity.

Now, this thing about being "mainstream" -- did it ever occur to you that people might be starting to see that "mainstream" political views is what got government to its current pathetic state? The republicans and democrats have been in complete control of everything for well over a hundred years, they've squandered and spent our money into oblivion and now have to borrow or print the money out of thin air and it's put us into bankruptcy.

Yes, Rand Paul is standing up for private business. That surprises you? This president wants a centrally-planned economy, works in direct opposition to the free enterprise system, and doesn't miss a chance to criticize, demonize, and make the case for outright control of the sectors of the economy that he and his minions don't particularly like. We've seen that already with the car industry, the health care industry, and the banking and finance industries.

If you believe that come November, the voters will forget all of that and instead focus on comments made to an obscure newspaper about legislation passed 46 years ago -- then hopefully the DNC will hire you as their national campaign director.
As with most political discussions here, I don't think there's much that separate our views. i believe we agree on more than we tend to lead on. After reading your post and instead of going point for point, let's just say I agree with about 90% of what you said. The other 10%, I have to stay true to my DNC talking points I mean, God forbid you talk negatively about Obama.

Yes, the law is settled. But the issue and conversation is ongoing and evolving and Rand Paul, not Rachel Maddow or some other liberal, placed himself dead in the center of this discussion. He did it first with NPR and a small newspaper.

Just to bring this full circle just a tad bit, Rand Paul announced his candidacy on Rachel's show way back when. So he obviously felt comfortable going on the show. He agreed to do another interview following the election results, this wasn't an interview out of thin air.
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Re: Sarah Palin Endorses Clint Didier For Senate

maybe try that more often? i don't see any spelling issues?
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
courtesy of 53fan
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