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For JTF's Reading Pleasure: "What is the Tea Party"

Debating with the enemy

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Re: For JTF's Reading Pleasure: "What is the Tea Party"

Interesting read on the 17th Amendment... apparently Delaware ratified the 17th Amendment June 25, 2010!

Election by legislatures generally occurred without major problems up to the mid-1850s. There were frequent vacancies of a few days up to several months, but these nearly always occurred when Congress was not in session, and so were harmless. In the 1850s, the sectional crisis over slavery led to increasing partisanship and strife. As a result, Indiana failed to elect a Senator from March 1855 to February 1857, while California failed to elect from March 1855 to January 1857.

California had previously failed to elect from March 1851 through January 1852, missing two months of the first session of the 32nd Congress, while Delaware failed to elect from September 1839 to January 1841, missing the entire first session and half the second session of the 26th Congress.

After the Civil War, the problems multiplied. In one case in the mid-1860s, the election of Senator John P. Stockton from New Jersey was contested on the grounds that he had been elected by a plurality rather than a majority in the state legislature. Stockton asserted that the exact method for elections was murky and varied from state to state. To keep this from happening again, Congress passed a law in 1866 regulating how and when Senators were to be elected from each state. This was the first change in the process of Senatorial elections. While the law helped, there were still deadlocks in some legislatures and accusations of bribery, corruption, and suspicious dealings in some elections. Nine bribery cases were brought before the Senate between 1866 and 1906, and 45 deadlocks occurred in 20 states between 1891 and 1905, resulting in numerous delays in seating Senators. In the worst case, Delaware failed to elect from March 1899 to March 1903; by the end of this period both of Delaware's seats were vacant for two years.
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Re: For JTF's Reading Pleasure: "What is the Tea Party"

In Maryland, certainly in Baltimore, it's hard to tell if anyone gets "punished". It's (for all intents and purposes), a one party town. Republiicans need not apply. There is some back and forth in the primairies for the occasional open seat. But once a Baltimore Democrat is in, they are pretty much a lifer.

B/c everyone knows how Baltimore is going to vote, neither the Dems or Reps. give a damn about it. The dems can ignore it and still their candidates win 80-90% of the vote. The republicans could put a far left candidate up and still lose. It just doesn't matter.

It's truly sad.
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