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Welfare Nation- One third of US wages now come from handouts

Debating with the enemy

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Re: Welfare Nation- One third of US wages now come from handouts

Let's see ... the government says a worker has to pay into the social security system so that money can be used to pay him a dividend at a later time. Instead, the govenrment puts that money into the general fund, spends it, and takes from somebody else to pay the original worker the benefits he was promised.

Classic definition of a ponzi scheme. If any private citizen came up with a fraud like Social Security, they'd be thrown in jail.
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Re: Welfare Nation- One third of US wages now come from handouts

I would like to see unemployed people given an opportunity to work doing city odd jobs.

For an extra $100 you can get various assigned unskilled jobs.

Go stand behind a truck full of asphalt and fill in pot holes. Shovel snow/mow yards/sweep and clean public buildings. After that you can go paint street curbs. When that is done you can pick up all of the trash along side of roads.

Look at people's skills and fit them into state jobs as "interns"

This way there is more benefit to the community.
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Re: Welfare Nation- One third of US wages now come from handouts

You guys have no idea what you're talking about. The government mandates you buy insurance, nothing is mandated in a ponzi scheme except you being utterly stupid and greedy. Unlike what happens to your funds in a ponzi scheme what the government does is invest the surplus of the social security funds into US treasury bonds which is pretty much the safest investment on the ****ing planet.

I suppose by your definition of classic ponzi scheme mutual funds and permanent life insurance are also ponzi schemes. I'm not saying you guys are dumb, but you certainly could get smarter by not peddling this nonsense.
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