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War on Drugs Cant Be Won, According to Global Leaders

Debating with the enemy

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Re: War on Drugs Cant Be Won, According to Global Leaders

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Re: War on Drugs Cant Be Won, According to Global Leaders

Veteran: My search for a PTSD cure led me to the Amazon - CNN.com

Interesting take, I would support this kind of research. I continue to hear extremely bad things about the VA hospitals and treatment.
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Re: War on Drugs Cant Be Won, According to Global Leaders

I find it interesting that in Alaska, 115K people voted to legalize pot, and 116K voted for a Republican Congressman. Really hoping that the Republican base is moving away from some of the old social conservative ethos.

of course it's probably more an age thing:
breakdown from CNN.com
Age: percentage of total vote
18-29: 19%
30-44: 27%
45-64: 41%
65 and older: 13%
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