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Gubment Sales Shares of AIG.

Debating with the enemy

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Gubment Sell Shares of AIG.

TARP was a wild success

Treasury Earns $7.6 Billion From Sale of Last Shares in A.I.G. - NYTimes.com

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Re: Gubment Sales Shares of AIG.

Thanks for saving my job Merica
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Re: Gubment Sales Shares of AIG.

23billion in profit during government ownership. maybe every now and then we can do something right.
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Re: Gubment Sell Shares of AIG.

Originally Posted by 12thMan View Post
We made a profit on some banks and insurance companies (AIG), but we're still billions in the hole on TARP. And while long term we should make back the money (not counting that these were interest-free loans) on the financial institutions, there still better than even odds we don't make back our money from GM, Freddie Mac, and Fannie Mae. Overall on the bailouts, we're currently about $156 billion dollars in the hole.

If this is what you call a "wild success", 12th, I don't want to see what you call a failure.


Keep in mind, this was a case of increasing the money supply, giving corporations interest-free loans with said money, profiting on speculation, then giving said paper profit back to the government. Funny how since Obama continued what W started, propping up corporations isn't considered evil anymore...

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