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Doing your homework

Fantasy Football

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Old 07-25-2006, 06:47 PM   #1
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Doing your homework

I always pick up Fantasy Football Index, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some other quality fantasy publications. Some of them are such garbage it's ridiculous.
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Re: Doing your homework

if anyone has good links, i'd be interested too... i generally just go on memory.
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Re: Doing your homework

Yeah, I'm mostly a "gut-feeling" kind of FFLer myself. It seems like the seasons where I do the most homework, I wind up going down in flames, but if I just wing it and rely on my knowledge of the league, I wind up fielding a contender.

For me, the law of diminishing returns is a formidable deterrent to investing too much time, energy or money in additional research. Plus, the frustration factor increases proportionately to the amount of time and effort I expend studying stat sheets.

I'm not saying FFL research is pointless; I'm just saying I get more enjoyment out of playing the game when I free my mind and follow my intuition.

One of my old college buddies had a favorite saying he used to hector me when we played chess: "Think long, think wrong!"

...and all too often, he was right on the money!
Joe Crisp covered Redskins camps for TheWarpath.net for three years. He also covered Redskins Training Camp 2005 for The Daily Progress.
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Old 07-25-2006, 10:15 PM   #4
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Re: Doing your homework

I don't pick any specific book up every year. I just try to read very closely to the specific reasons the writer provides for his assesments. I play in keeper leagues. And alot of the big names I don't even have to worry about.

I have some set rules in my head now to follow. I pick young. I like backup running backs. And I steer wide of QB's in new cities. And never, ever, trade Randy Moss for one bad season. Damn that one still irritates me.

My dad has run a league for about 7 years now, and every year he makes his home made chili. God, I don't if I like the first pick of the draft, or the potatos in the chili more.

Good luck this year though. And my fantasy focus this year is staying away from rookies. Specifically Reggie Bush.
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Re: Doing your homework

Originally Posted by Mattyk72
I always pick up Fantasy Football Index, just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for some other quality fantasy publications. Some of them are such garbage it's ridiculous.
I can tell you that Atholon's Sports Pro Football is garbage. I just went to the grocery store today and browsed their magazines. They selected the Cowboys to win the division, the Eagles to win the wild card and then skins, Giants. I am done with the whole speculating and discussing teams. Lately the commercials for the NfL Fantasy files are starting to get crazy
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Old 07-26-2006, 12:55 AM   #6
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Re: Doing your homework

Index is the one I used to use. I dont use them anymore since online is just so much more comprehensive and current.
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