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Cowboysboard vs The warpath Draft tonight at 11pm est

Fantasy Football

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Re: Cowboysboard vs The warpath Draft tonight at 11pm est

Originally Posted by RobH4413 View Post
If you guys need anymore members... PM me. I haven't joined a league yet.

Well I got on for nothing. Rob I think you can still join. But I cant do Monday. But are we doing it Tonight or what.

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Awesome isn't it.
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Re: Cowboysboard vs The warpath Draft tonight at 11pm est

I was the one that dropped out cause I can't be there tonight at 9:00. I refuse to auto draft.
Sorry guys, hope you find a replacement.

*please note that for everyone that didn't get a shot at some of these leagues, and you're good at fantasy football, I started a new league that you can join. I posted it here on a new thread. (no cowboys fans please)
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Re: Cowboysboard vs The warpath Draft tonight at 11pm est

Jsarno if thats how you feel fine with me I have apologized more than enough. good luck in your new league. I got a message from a guy named Alan not sure if its a skins or cowboy fan requesting the draft be

"I liked the 11:00 pm EST time.
During the week the day is a no go. evening is hard also untill about 10;00.


I know next weekend is a holiday should I make it Saturday during the day before college football starts for you guys say 1030am est or next sunday anytime between 11am-8pm . It can not be passed 8pm because one of the warpathers is 5 hours ahead of est.
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