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Superbowl XXVI Redskins vs. Bills

Film Room

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Superbowl XXVI Redskins vs. Bills



If you have any problems, please let me know.

I will have this up via Torrent, by around Mid Evening tomorrow, possibly earlier.

If you do not know how to use torrents, it is very easy, and you should get use to it considering that is how I host my Redskins games.

Download and install BitComet, you can download it by clicking the following link:

BitComet - Free Software Downloads and Software Reviews - Download.com

After that is downloaded, you're pretty much finished.

Heres a thing you need to remember when downloading Torrents. Torrents act very wierd when being downloaded, they can jump around from 15 hours to 2 hours, and 2 hours to 15 hours, depending on seeds.

Heres some words to remember:

Seeder (Uploader)
Leecher (Downloader)

When downloading torrents, you will click a link like any normal download, and when clicking the link, a box will come up as if it is a .ZIP, asking you to, OPEN, SAVE, or CANCEL.

This is the main step to remember, most files you would choose save, however torrents are run different, in this case you must click open to download the file. After clicking download, another box will open (BitComet program) asking to confirm and the save location, on that box just choose OK. Then let the torrent download, as I said, sometimes it can take no time, and others it can take long times.

Once the file is done downloading you can continue to seed (upload) for others users, making the process much easier for me, or you can stop the seed, open up bit comet, right click on the file inside the box, and choose, remove task, make sure you choose that one, the other one will delete the file and you will have to redownload it all over, no way to get it back if you accidently click file, then find the Bit Comet file under your program files in your hard drive, open the folder, open the downloads folder, and the game will be in there.

What will be included in this download?

First Half

Halftime Show

Second Half

All these files will be in .VOB Format

And each Half will run around 1-2 Gigs, the Halftime show around 500-800mb.

This way for those of you with DVD burners, all you have to do is add the files and click burn, no converting process needed.

I will give you this WARNING. When I tried to play the Superbowl in Windows Media Player, it would give me an error for some reason. All you need to do is download VLC, a media player which plays about every video format possible. You can do so by clicking the following link, and finding which mirror (server) to download from:

VLC media player for Windows
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Re: Superbowl XXVI Redskins vs. Bills

hey, do you have an invitation code for demoniod.com. I contacted you on you tube as well
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Re: Superbowl XXVI Redskins vs. Bills

excellent post
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