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H.B. Blades laying some wood

Film Room

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Re: H.B. Blades laying some wood

Originally Posted by xxjuschylnxx View Post
how can that tool say mcintosh is a bust... in the only game he started, he got 10 tackles. really hard to say hes poopy after that kind of performance.
He says that because he knows best.
"Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man." The Dude
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Re: H.B. Blades laying some wood

This guy holds many records at PITT for tackles and so on. He is a beast you guys watch him. He could be better than Landry in the long run.
Just win.
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Re: H.B. Blades laying some wood

YouTube - HB Blades Intercepts Drew Stanton

Heads up play, It would be nice to have a guy actually follow through on potential turnovers, even if it falls into their lap.
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Re: H.B. Blades laying some wood

Also on Redskins.comTV He has a couple other picks....definitely an upside

Random....Also watching the Jordan Palmer video on Redskins.comTV he looks like he has alot of the same qualities as Campbell, and could prove to be an appropriate backup in years to come...

He has a similar build as JC, seems to have similar pass placement ability (although not nearly the caliber of Jason's), he's got the ability to scramble (Again though his 4.99 40 time is not nearly as impressive as JC's 4.69), and more then anything his ability to scramble in the redzone find an open reciever in the endzone and make something out of nothing reminds me alot of Campbell. And that is one of the best attributes of JC, in the recent past I can remember having ALOT of trouble scoring TD's when we were in the redzone, It is so refreshing to have a QB that can actually capitalize on good feild position.

Hopefully Jordan will prove to be a capable backup with a similar style so that in the case of injury (God forbid, knock on wood, etc.) the Offense wont have to adjust to much to a different QB style.

P.S. I actually knocked on wood, so no worries. :thumb:
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