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With the 53 pick the Skins select.......

NFL Draft Central

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Re: With the 53 pick the Skins select.......

Originally Posted by GTripp0012
Without giving away any mock draft strategies you plan to use, which o-linemen do you think would give us proper value at pick #53?
there's some OGs worth taking, and trading down is a good option too, as long as its not too far to where you lose your guy. I believe spencer or joseph are both good pickups that can be the pulling guards gibbs loves.

spencer is even heavier than dockery and much faster (5.3 vs 5.6) as well as very strong (30 reps, the only high ranking OL guy that actually did reps and scored better was winston justice). Its possible to trade down and get him because he was a 2 year starter at DT, 1 year at LG (did very well), and 1 year at LT (cause the team needed it, but he struggled a bit). That means he's undervalued, but has good long range upside with extra technique work.

joseph is more polished right now, faster (5.1) but he's not as strong (24 reps) or a heavy (309, meaning his speed relative to weight isn't as good).

Either one would serve as a good reserve and either may also be able to replace dockery in the future as well. You can trade down farther for spencer than joseph, dallas has a real interest in spencer though and are almost a mortal lock to take him immediately if he's there in the 3rd.

Other value OL guys in the 3rd are chris chester (super athletic 4.83 guy, needs to hit the weights, C/G/TE), paul mcquistan (OT), etc though the lower you go, the bigger the project they become. a trade down might also net you a LB like jon alston (who the skins are interested in) or a DB like greg blue (fast hard hitting safety that needs work in coverage, though he has the tools), marcus maxley (6'2" CB) or gerrick mcpherson (4.3 CB).

btw, i've kind of discounted latui and gilles because they're both extremely slow guards. doc is solid, but slow, so replacing him with someone slightly more solid, but just as slow doesn't really have much of a draw. an athletic guard that can let gibbs pull both ways, however, gives the offense a lot more options besides a minor upgrade in skill.
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