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NFL DRAFT SCOUT 1/30 mock (Alan Branch, DT)

NFL Draft Central

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Re: NFL DRAFT SCOUT 1/30 mock (Alan Branch, DT)

Originally Posted by 70Chip View Post
Here's who we have at Defensive Tackle:


Here's who have at DE:


When I look at that I think it's obvious which area is of greater need even if we assume Carter plays at the maximum of his ability. Of course what we really need is MLB so Marshall can take Holdman's spot and that would make everybody look better so were back to trading the pick as the only sensible thing to do. That I think we agree on.
Right now, I would analyze this list by saying that the ENTIRE D Line lacks talent. Of the ten, Carter is the most promising guy, while Griffin is the best. But lets look at a very real sitaution that could happen as early as 2008 without naming a 2007 first round pick:


Daniels? Maybe?

The point is by 2008 there could be so much turnover, we are talking about our next two years of draft picks and FA signings producing 2 or more starters on the DL. There are no quick fixes. However we have one potential building block, and thats Carter. Not that confidence inspiring, but its something we have to work with. If we go into the 2008 draft with no starting DTs, that could be disaterous.

Thats why we have to put this issue to rest right now, so we can focus on the ends later.
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Re: NFL DRAFT SCOUT 1/30 mock (Alan Branch, DT)

Originally Posted by FRPLG View Post
older d-linemen? Griffin was like 27, Daniels 30, Joe Sal 29, Carter 27. One guy was 30.

And we have discussed Springs' 'injury prone' status and I think most agreed that he wasn't not injury prone rather he had one injury that bugged him over a two season period. He had the monkier totally undeserved. And he hadn't exactly missed a whole hell of a lot time for us until the hernia.
Griffin, Daniels, and Salavea are all over 30. Washington Redskins
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Re: NFL DRAFT SCOUT 1/30 mock (Alan Branch, DT)

Originally Posted by gabe1984 View Post
Griffin, Daniels, and Salavea are all over 30. Washington Redskins
I think FRPLG was referring to their age when the Redskins signed them
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