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The Official 2007 Draft Discussion Thread

NFL Draft Central

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Re: The Official 2007 Draft Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by hail_2_da_skins View Post
This is by far the WORST draft that the Washington Redskins have had for years. It's been five years that the Skins have needed to upgrade the defensive line and every year they avoid addressing this glaring weakness. What happened to drafting for need? The biggest need on this team is not safety. It's not quarterback. It's not linebacker. It's not tight end. They needed a defensive end, BAD! They needed depth at offensive line, BAD! Marcus Washington's injury must be pretty bad to go out and trade for London Fletcher and then draft two linebackers. What's the direction on this team? I think Snyder, Gibbs and Williams have lost f$%king their minds.
I disagree, I think that honor goes to 2002. Here are the Skins drafts from 2001 to 2006 with my comments. Players still on the team are in bold, Players still in the league (that I know of) but not with us are in italic:

1(15): R. Gardner, WR: Out of football 1 good year for us.
2(45) F. Smoot CB Smmoooooot 'nuff said
4(109) S. Rosenfels QB Texans 3rd stringer at best a
5(154) D. McCants WR Out of football
6(186) M. Monds DT Didn't make it outta training camp

All but Monds turned into NFL roster players. For the limited number of picks not a bad draft. Everybody stuck with us for at least 3 years (I think).

1(32) P. Ramsey QB One of the greatest 3rd string QB's
2(56) L. Betts RB Late bloomer but still running
3(79) R. Bauman CB Out of football (?)
3(87) C. Russell WR Didn't make final roster,
currently bouncing around.
5(159) A. Lott FS Out of football (?)
5(160) R. Royal TE One of the ones we shouldn't have
let get away.
6(192) R. Coleman T Out of football (?)
7(230) J. Grau C Out of football (?)
7(234) G. Scott DE Out of football (?)
7(257) R. CartwrightRB My favorite 3rd down back (How can u
not like a guy named "Rock")

Sorry, but this is my pick for worst draft of the 2000's. Other than Betts, Royal and Cartwright did any of these players stick around more than a year or , two. Oddly enough, this is the draft where we made all the right moves (trading down TWICE in the first round to get additional 3rd round picks (which turned into Bauman and Russell). For the number of picks we had this year we should have gotten at least two, if not three, solid starters who are still with the team. To garner just two back-ups (yes Betts is the backup) is pretty bad.

2(44) T. Jacobs WR Got a head-cold, thought it was a
concussion and is sitting the season
out to recuperate
3(81) D. Dockery G Good solid, but extremely overpaid,
7(232) G. Hamdan QB I think he's somebody's 3rd string

Three picks, one of which was a starter for us from day one (and would be still if the market had not crazy wild (or if we had locked him up earlier)).

1(5) S. Taylor FS Turned out to be better choice
between he and Winslow.
3(81) C. Cooley TE Cooooooleeeeyyyy
5(151) M. Wilson T Out of Football (?)
6(180) J. Molinaro T Signed by Dallas, may as well be
out of football

My vote for BEST draft of the 2000's and conversely the one in which we had the second fewest picks.

1(9) C. Rogers CB Jury is still out.
1(25) J. Campbell QB I think this guy is the real deal and will
be for years to come.
4(120) M. White FB Out of football (?)
5(154) R. McCune LB Out of football (?)
6(183) J. Newberry LB Out of football (?)
7(222) N. Broughton FB Borderline back-up, might not make the
team this year.

Again, given the number of picks, not a particularly prosperous draft. Two years later it looks like only the top two picks are gonna be around. Still if JC pans out, this will be good draft.

2(35) R. McIntosh LB Early indications not too promising.
5(153) A. MontgomeryDT Seems to be solid servicable D-Lineman
6(173) R. Doughty FS Slow and lost rookie season- might
have been too big a step for the small
school guy. Give him another year.
6(196) K. Golston DT He's a keeper
7(230) K. Lefotu G I think this guy may yet develop. They
keep him hanging around.
7(250) Kevin Simon LB Out of football (?)

I think a lot depends on how Rocky works out given that we traded away this year's picks for him, I think he can make this into a great draft or a so-so one. Both D-Linemen seem to be keepers and Lefotu seems like a good developmental guy. The only complete whiff was Simon.

In terms of rank mine would be:

I don't see any of them standing out particularly and I think the 2005 and 2006 drafts could easily switch in a year or two. By my count, we have 13 players currently on OUR roster from these six drafts. I don't know how that stacks up against the NFL average for the same period of time.
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