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Who do you think had the best draft?

NFL Draft Central

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Old 04-30-2007, 11:02 PM   #31
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Re: Who do you think had the best draft?

Who do you think had the best draft? Hate to say it, but Dallas raped the Browns and scored more draft pics this year and next. NE didn't do bad either.
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Re: Who do you think had the best draft?

Originally Posted by GMScud View Post
San Fran- They got the best LB in the draft in Willis, the 3rd best tackle in Staley, two very solid D-lineman from Florida in McDonald and Cohen, and a good backup for Gore in Thomas Clayton. Not to mention a few good D-backs as well. They had a lot of picks and used them well.
Don't forget Jason Hill in the 3rd, I loved the pick and thought he was a steal. I really loved our draft-- I'm not saying it was the best-- I liked AZ's and Cleveland's a lot. Atlanta too.

But Patrick Willis was great to pick up, he was my #1 target at the spot. After that I wanted Landry if he were to fall there, then Branch.

Willis, the best ILB prospect in years (beats Ernie Simms by a mile in my book) will replace Derek Smith (half blind), the worst starting ILB in football. Paired with Brandon Moore inside the tandem will be LETHAL. Not to mention Lawson and Banta-Cain beside them.

The Staley trade up made me skeptical when we gave up our first. But then the Indy trade made this another great move. He's the most atheletic OT in the draft, and isn't even fully added to his frame yet after playing TE a couple of years ago. He's basically the antithesis of Kwame Harris (worst starting OT in football). Our two biggest needs were filled with elite prospects.

Our last gaping need was WR and adding Jason Hill, the second fastest player at the combine shored up the spot along with the genius trade for Darrell Jackson and the Lelie signing. Now our corps have gone from one of the worst to very respectable.

So, right now it's looking like our days of gaping holes are over and we can focus on depth now. Great, great draft.
"Nobody in football should be called a genius. A genius is a guy like Norman Einstein."- Joe Theismann
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Old 05-01-2007, 11:22 AM   #33
You did WHAT?!?
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Re: Who do you think had the best draft?

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
How much Kolb film have you been studyin'?

alot of it man i have studied all of those qb's and kolb was the 4th or 5th best

This is why you need Mentos. To justify your questionable problem solving skills.


Awesome isn't it.
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Re: Who do you think had the best draft?

Cleveland has done the best draft by far, San Francisco was on point too. I didn't like Miami and Philadelphia, they didn't fill their needs at all.
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Old 05-02-2007, 12:58 PM   #35
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Re: Who do you think had the best draft?

Originally Posted by Beemnseven View Post
Man, wouldn't that be a story -- I think more than anything else, what doomed Quinn was that more teams were actually solid with their quarterback situation than ever before.

There were questions about his accuracy, but you would think the fact that he was groomed by Charlie Weiss might have given him more of an edge than he actually got.
One more thought ,,,, Romo stinks , Spencer is average and Quinn is all pro ,,,,,,,, We can all pray for that . We need to adopt the Browns as our " other team " in 07 ,,, do not want want the cowpokes to have a top 10-15 pick !
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Old 05-03-2007, 01:31 AM   #36
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Re: Who do you think had the best draft?

Originally Posted by GTripp0012 View Post
Weird. Atlanta was on my list of candidates for worst draft. DL was a need, but Anderson screams overrated talent. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he's not starting caliber. I'm glad we didn't take him. Blalock is big and slow. I'm not sure how well he will adjust to the next level. A lot of people in the know seem to think Houston is highly overrated.

I like the Milner pick, but Crumpler is already a very solid blocker. Datish might be a steal, but the rest of these picks seem like golddigging.

This isn't a great draft.
And they're doomed--they have our DC reject Mike Zimmer

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