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Nfl draft order..Bucs pick ahead of us

NFL Draft Central

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Re: Nfl draft order..Bucs pick ahead of us

Originally Posted by scafuri27 View Post
The Bucs beat us in the regular season, won their division, and were a higher seeded playoff team and they get to select above us in the first round of the draft. The frist 2 tiebreakers should be head to head and playoff seeding.
Here’s the rule from NFL.com:

If two or more clubs are tied in the selection order, the strength-of-schedule tie breaker is applied, subject to the following exceptions for playoff clubs:

1. The Super Bowl winner is last and the Super Bowl loser next-to-last.
2. Any non-Super Bowl playoff club involved in a tie shall be assigned priority within its segment below that of non-playoff clubs and in the order that the playoff clubs exited from the playoffs. Thus, within a tied segment a playoff club that loses in the Wild-Card game will have priority over a playoff club that loses in the Divisional playoff game, which in turn will have priority over a club that loses in the Conference Championship game. If two tied clubs exited the playoffs in the same round, the tie is broken by strength of schedule.

If any ties cannot be broken by strength of schedule, the divisional or conference tie breakers, whichever are applicable, are applied. Any ties that still exist are broken by a coin flip.
Basically, the tiebreaker is strength of schedule. There is no adjustment for playoff seeding, only playoff performance. But since both the Skins and Bucs lost in the first round, the tiebreaker applies.

As I interpret the rule, the only occasion that trumps the strength-of-schedule tiebreaker is when two teams have the same winning percentage but Team 1 makes the postseason and Team 2 doesn’t. In that case, Team 2 picks before Team 1 regardless of strength of schedule.

Good pickup on this issue though. Your point is valid. Especially in the first round, a difference of one place in the draft order can make a huge impact.

Let us know what Roger Goodell says in response to your recommendation....
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Re: Nfl draft order..Bucs pick ahead of us

Originally Posted by Darrell_Green_28 View Post
We pick 21st for a reason, dont argue with it... Sean is with us in all ways possible.
Yeah, it interesting that we beat Dallas by 21, lost to Seattle by 21, and pick 21st. What's next?
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