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Using a high pick on QB.

NFL Draft Central

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Old 03-24-2008, 07:59 AM   #61
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Re: Using a high pick on QB.

Originally Posted by schndr_tdd View Post
We have 2 QB's that could start on this team,we don't need another.Here is a list of positions we need:CB,OL,DE,DT,WR,LB,S,P in that order.
You had me up until Punter. Punter, are you kidding me? Punter..? Seriously,....a Punter? While I agree that Frost is cold at times, he is starting to come around. I do not think that a draft pick should be wasted on a guy who only takes the field 3 or 4 times a game. If you want to get him some competition in camp, then look around the league for some others who are looking for a job. Hell, you can even bring in some Undrafted Rookie FA's to compete for that position. If you want to make a splash, then hire a goalie from a US soccer team to be the Punter. But seriously, unless that Punter's name is Sammy Baugh, I do not want to waste a pick on him.

Now before you go and start ranting about the momentum swing and field position gained and lost over the kicking game, remember that Frost is not doing that bad of a job and we have great special teams coverage units.
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Re: Using a high pick on QB.

Originally Posted by irish View Post
Above average football? If you think what JC is playing above average, I'd hate to see what you think average is. Also, like I said before, I just dont think many teams give up 3 draft picks for a QB that 3+ years down the line is playing at best, above average football. If JC had been drafted without giving up the 3 picks it wouldnt be nearly so bad but the Skins gave up 3 picks for a QB that may or may not be starting material. Thats just not acceptable.
Where are you getting 3 picks from? I think GT pointed out the details of the trade. There was not a balance of 3 picks for JC at all. We used our 06 first round pick a year early (thus a zero balance swap of picks) & gave a 3rd round pick as compensation to move up.

If my figures are correct (I'm going from memory), that means the balance of the trade was a 3rd rounder to denver.
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