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2009 Offensive/Defensive Lineman

NFL Draft Central

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Re: 2009 Offensive/Defensive Lineman

Originally Posted by GusFrerotte View Post
Anyone from Oklahoma's O line should be considered first. God damn Bradford had all day to pass most of the time to produce those ridiculous stats of his. Bama and Texas guys should be in the mix also. Peppers and/or Suggs would be killer, but a wad of $$$$$$$$$. I think the top priority of course should be the O line, so I think we should get a DE in the mid rounds. I am not totally privy to our cap situation, so I don't know what shape we are to go after Suggs or Peppers. I think we should rely on the draft more than FA. Going with FA heavily has bitten us in the ass way too much in the Snyder era.
Colombo signed a four year with Dallas. That's what I heard. I think we should stay away from FA too.
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Re: 2009 Offensive/Defensive Lineman

Watching the Fiesta Bowl, Boone is looking a little slow. I can see why some draft sites have him as far down as the fifth round.

We need to keep this in mind when the combine rolls around. Keep in mind who was a football player in the Fall, not a combine guy in February.
Build this team through the draft, please! Starting with both lines. A dynasty is not a bad thing to shoot for!
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Cedric Dockery

Anyone realize that Derrick's little brother is eligible for the draft this year? For now he grades out as a fourth to fifth round prospect according to Scouts Inc.

Cedric Dockery | OG

Scouts Grade: 58

Overall Rank:146
Position Rank:7

1 = Exceptional 2 = Above Average 3 = Average 4 = Below average 5 = Marginal

Production: 2
Dockery redshirted in 2004 and played primarily as a reserve in 2005. He started (right guard) the first six games of his sophomore season in 2006 before suffering a season-ending knee injury versus Oklahoma. He returned healthy for his junior season in 2007, playing in all 13 games (11 starts) at right guard.

Height-Weight-Speed: 3
Adequate-to-good height and thickly built. Well proportioned with a wide base. Does not run very well, though  even for his size.

Durability: 3
Knee injury in 2006 is a concern. He does not seem to possess good flexibility or stamina, either. But remained healthy for the entire 2007 season.

Character: 2
Has worked hard to improve from early in his career. Older brother, Derrick, is a former Longhorn standout and current starter at guard for the Buffalo Bills.

Strength/Toughness: 3
Plays with excellent leverage. Can stay low and absorb the bull rush. Also displays adequate-to good initial power. However, he does not drive through his blocks with the type of lower-body strength expected of a guard with his thick build. Would like to see him play with more of a mean streak. He rarely pancakes a defender in four games we studied from 2007 season

Agility: 3
Shows adequate quickness when setting in pass pro but does not fire out as quickly as a run blocker. The more space he's in the less effective he becomes  both in pass pro and as a run blocker

Awareness: 3
Needs work in this regard. Does not seem sure of his assignments at time and will get caught out of position, as a result.

Pass Protection: 3
Is a natural knee bender and displays adequate quickness in his pass pro set. Has long arms for a guard. Plays with a wide base and can anchor versus most bull rusher. However, his range is severely limited by his poor lateral quickness. He struggles to mirror-and-slide in any kind of space. Will get caught off-balance and/or lunging if forced to set, slide his feet, and then reset. Also needs to show better awareness versus the blitz, as well as stunts and twists.

Run Blocking: 3
He's much more effective working head up versus a 4-3 DT than he is uncovered. Rarely overwhelms defenders at the point of attack but he does win most battles once in good position. Displays adequate initial pop. Remains under control in space. Lacks ideal initial quickness when coming forward out of his stance and, as a result, he will be late to get into position on too many pulls, traps and second-level blocks. Also gets into some trouble by putting his head down prior to contact.
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Re: 2009 Offensive/Defensive Lineman

so what i'm hearing is get a lot of olinemen from the draft which i like a lot but what about the dline? peppers would be a good sign along with hall then well probably be able to still pick up one more fa. so is it a dt or a lb to replace washington
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