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Kiper, Mayock, or Mcshay?

NFL Draft Central

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Re: Kiper, Mayock, or Mcshay?

I prefer NFL network as a whole. They cover more of the draft itself and less of the excess. Therefore, by default, I like Mayock better because he really breaks down why he grades a player a certain way and breaks down his viewpoint with actual film of games and senior bowl practices. I wish they could offer Warren Sapp/the blonde NFL Now chick/ and a future broadcast pick in a trade for Kiper/Suzy Colbert (spelling?)!!!
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Re: Kiper, Mayock, or Mcshay?

Originally Posted by celts32 View Post
I don't really want to start a new thread over this so i thought I would throw it in here. I am so annoyed by the way ESPN covers(or not covers) day 2 of the draft. ESPN spends the entire second day of the draft talking to GM's, coaches and players about what happened on day 1. And then they go back to Bristol to basically the NFL Live studio and waste more time. In the mean time picks fly by on the bottom of the screen. Then we get these quick recaps of the last 10 picks with Mel chiming in on every 3rd or 4th pick on the list. I don't understand why they can't just cover the draft...there are weeks and months ahead to talk about what happened in the first round. This has always annoyed me but now that they moved round #3 to day 2 it bothers me even more. Round 3 is filled with big name players and deserves more then updates inbetween interviews. Maybe I am the only one but it annoys me to no end...
You are correct. That is one reason why I watch the draft on NFLN. The other reason is that I am in love with Kara Henderson. She's not the flashiest but she has substance.
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Re: Kiper, Mayock, or Mcshay?

I can't stand the Espn coverage mostly due to Berman. Also it seems that they only cover the "hot topic" of the day and they do a great job at murdering(We got it, move on). Then they send some random good looking girl out there to interview players. I'd rather have an ex player in Neon Deion doing the interviewing.
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Re: Kiper, Mayock, or Mcshay?

Originally Posted by Lotus View Post
You are correct. That is one reason why I watch the draft on NFLN. The other reason is that I am in love with Kara Henderson. She's not the flashiest but she has substance.
Yea I watched a lot of nfl network coverage also but I like Kiper and those two days are like the only days of the year he is on a lot. But every time I flipped back to try and hear some of kiper they were interviewing someone or they were back in bristol analyzing day 1. They really didn't even show the draft...they just had a 7 hour NFL Live show with draft picks going by on the ticker.
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