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Sam Bradford remains projected pick to Redskins

NFL Draft Central

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Re: Sam Bradford remains projected pick to Redskins

Originally Posted by SmootSmack View Post
Most if not all trainers and doctors who have studied him and his injury say that he should be fine. Though he may want to bulk up a bit.

I'm not even remotely as concerned about his shoulder as most everyone else seems to be
The Redskins team doctor performed the surgery on him, so we should know better than anyone how his shoulder should hold up.
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Re: Sam Bradford remains projected pick to Redskins

I read up on Bradford's injury to the AC joint. Mild cases of such injury require rest only. Serious cases, like Bradford's, require surgery and a long recovery. However, according to several medical Web sites, once that injury heals, there is no long term damage or propensity for re-injury. Summary: Bradford should be fine.
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Re: Sam Bradford remains projected pick to Redskins

Originally Posted by Dirtbag359 View Post
If I remember right the Falcons O-Line gave up over 50 sacks the year before Ryan was drafted, and even though they drafted Sam Baker in the first round he was limited to 5 starts and 8 gp. They basically took that same line that gave up a large amount of sacks and with proper coaching got it to near the top of the league in terms of sacks allowed. Now I'm definitely not saying that we go into next year with the same O-Line, far from it in fact. Maybe the Falcons are the exception to the rule, maybe they had talent but the coaching was horrible. The point is we will probably have a revamped O-Line next year, and we don't need to spend a first round pick to do it. By the same token we would need to make sure that one of our 1st two picks is an O-Lineman, that much I'm sure of.

In my opinion Micheal Turner made that line a better pass blocking group. Plus, I believe they are a bit younger than the aging overpaid guys we have. You can coach talent, I dont believe we have any upfront. Dockery maybe, Reinhert maybe, but everyone else is either too damn old, injury prone or just sucks (Heyer!)
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Re: Sam Bradford remains projected pick to Redskins

Originally Posted by BigHairedAristocrat View Post
I want Leinart because allegedly Shanahan likes him and i'm not overly impressed with any of the QBs in this years draft.

I would rank our top team needs in a general (but not exact) order as:

Left Tackle
Right Tackle
Right Guard
Running Back

DEFENESE (We're likely switching to a 3-4):
Nose Tackle (if Hanyesworth plays DE)
Defensive End (2 DEs if Haynesworth plays NT)
Outside Linebacker (Opposite Orakpo)
1 - 2 Interior Linebackers
Cornerback (one to replace Rogers. 2 if Hall is gone as well)

At that point, we really need a blocking TE a FS, a backup QB and probably another WR and RB. I'd put FS first amongst those needs.

Given the weight i'm placing on all the above needs, combined with the general talent level you get drafting players at positions (you can generally find a better free safety in the 6th round than you can a Nose Tackle, DE, WR, CB, QB, RB etc.), safety is one of the last positions we need to worry about filling in the draft. We also could also consider keeping Smoot and moving him to FS as well. He certainly couldnt play the position any worse than Landry. Free agency could also get us some temporary help there, but i can't imagine any more "waste" of a top 5 pick than a free safety, given all of our other needs.

I am just not sure how you put the QB position #2. BOTH tackles are going to need replaced. If you think Heyer is the answer over there, then you are smoking something. Right guard i think Reinhert will be productive. We have the opportunity to get the #1 offensive lineman in the entire draft. If we trade down or stay put, the first pick needs to be an oline man. Campbell with a completely crap oline managed to finish in the middle of the league is basically all statistics. Imagine what the guy could do if he actually had time to throw the ball. Didn't you hear them saying they removed all deep balls from the playbook because of how horrible the line was, come on!! for people to continue to think drafting a QB is the answer are insane. The oline is what is important to this team and any team.
As far as defense, I dont think we are in need of any major upgrades. If we switch to a 3-4, which that isn't a guarantee, we would probably only need an inside guy. I think we have some quality guys that can play in the 3-4. Wilson and Blades can fill in nicely, with Mcintosh, orakpo, and fletcher.
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