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Warpath Mock Draft 2010 - Grade the Draft

NFL Draft Central

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Re: Warpath Mock Draft 2010 - Grade the Draft

thanks for doing this SS33 it was a good time. here is to hoping the skins' draft goes as well as it did here.
fight for old dc.
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Re: Warpath Mock Draft 2010 - Grade the Draft

Originally Posted by D'BOYZ View Post
hahaha nobody here is going to say Dallas had a nice draft hahahaha..... if things go this way for Dallas it would be a perfect draft.... got all needs and got 1st round value in the second round and second round value in the 3rd so overall perfect draft.... would had prefered Earl Thomas to Mays but still huge upgrade.
I thought Dallas' draft was good, did address needs, but (as usual with Dallas fans) your overstating how well you did.

- Mays is a physical freak, but has been compared to Roy Williams part 2. He has coverage and open field tackling issues (not good for a FS). He could be a huge success, but could also be an Al Davis type player.

- I had not seen Saffold listed as a potential first rounder. From what I saw he was w 2-3 rounder. Based on many team needs at OT and the depth in this draft, I expected Saffold to go maybe 10-15 picks higher than where you got him. It was a good pick, but not a great pick.

- Lafell was projected as a second rounder, but has route running and hands concerns, I think some may have passed on him due to his poor Combine 40-time (4.59). But in the late third, a good pick.

If I had to give a mock draft grade to Dallas it would be a solid F.....j/k B
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Re: Warpath Mock Draft 2010 - Grade the Draft

I think Jacksonville and Atlanta by far had the superior drafts.
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Re: Warpath Mock Draft 2010 - Grade the Draft

Little suprised the Steelers took Tebow. They really didn't need to take a QB early in the draft. Ben Roethlisberger will play this season, Dixon, and Batch are very suitable backups.
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