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Phillip Thomas Interview

NFL Draft Central

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Phillip Thomas Interview

Last night we had the pleasure of interviewing Phillip Thomas, the safety from Fresno State. It was a bit long to save your eye's I'm going to post the majority of it, if you want to read the rest you can click the link at the end.

Last night the Son of Washington team had time to sit down with Fresno State Safety, Phillip Thomas. The guys talk about all sorts of things from Redskins football, video games and the upcoming draft. Check out what Phillip Thomas had to say about the possibility of playing football in Washington D.C.

Alan Anthony: Thanks for the taking the time to talk to us. The first question is, the Redskins won the NFC East last year, they have RG3, Alfred Morris, they have a really strong offense. But what theyíre looking for is to retool their defense, most particularly their secondary. Safety is going to be a big part of that. Redskins fans are going to be reading this, so what would you like to tell the Redskins fans about yourself?

Phillip Thomas: Iím just a hard worker, a student of the game. Iím a gut that can make a lot of plays. Iím a game changer, create turnovers and just make big plays.

AA: Tomorrow is your pro day, and youíve been training forever, it seems like. Are you excited for your pro day, or are you nervous?

PT: Iím excited. I get to be on my home turf to do all the same stuff that I did at the combine. Itís going to be a little easier for me, being on familiar ground. Just really excited and ready to go out there and perform tomorrow, just have fun with it.

AA: What do you think is going to be different being at Fresno [St.] versus being at the combine?

PT: At the combine, thereís just a lot of stuff going on, with the media and the doctors and everything. Being out here, Iím just able to train and relax. Just have my mind on one thing, just to go out there and perform. Just being familiar with the turf and the atmosphere out here, itís a more relaxed thing for me than being at the combine.

AA: You were also at the senior bowl, which is a big event. I didnít get a chance to see a lot of the Fresno games, so that was really my first opportunity to see you. What did you think about playing at the Senior Bowl, and how it helped your draft stock going in to this year?

PT: I was excited to be at the Senior Bowl, man. Being from a smaller conference, people had questions about whether I could play with the bigger conferences, so I was excited to get out there and perform. I didnít feel like it was much different or different at all, as far as me playing to my ability. I feel like I can play with anyone, so I was just happy to get out there and show that I was comfortable starting in the slot and playing man-to-man coverage, which is what I think I do best.

AA: Who did you think was the toughest competition out there at the Senior Bowl?

PT: As far as me guarding a receiver?

AA: Yeah.

PT: I felt like, whatís the guyís name from Texas?

AA: Goodwin?

PT: Goodwin! Marquise Goodwin. Heís a fast dude. If you let him get a free release on you, man, I feel like he flies, so heís going to be out. And the receiver from Wheaton, heís out there also.

AA: I thought you had a great game. Letís go back to your college season. You had a phenomenal season with 8 INTs, 5 forced fumbles, 3 sacks, you got to return 3 of the INTS for touchdowns. Can you talk about the season a little bit and how you think thatís going to help with your career in the NFL?

PT: I have to credit a lot of [the success in] my season to film study. I got into the film room a lot and studied my opponent. It let me anticipate things more and it allowed me to play a lot faster than a lot of people this year. It was good to do that. The scheme that we ran was great, the 3-4. It let me do a lot of things like disguising and blitzing. A lot of things I felt, myself, I can do well. The coaches utilized me in every spot, blitzing and everything. People didnít know where I was going to be, whether I was blitzing or not, or dropping into coverage, so I was able to make a lot of plays.

AA: So do you have a lot of experience with the 3-4, and would that be something that you would like to play in at the NFL level?

PT: Yeah I would definitely like to pay I a 3-4. I played in the 4-3 during my fist three seasons here, and then last year, this past season was my fist one with the 3-4. I enjoyed it; I had a lot of fun with it.

AA: You put up some crazy stats, and it actually made you a finalist for the Jim Thorpe award. Does that really matter to you, or is it more about wins and losses?

PT: To me itís all about wins. If I got all those stats and my team only wins three games or whatever, then those stats wouldnít have meant anything to me. But those stats I put up helped us in the game, you know like when we were sluggish. [When the stats] helped us to a win, it means a lot more to me. So whatever I can do to help the team win, thatís the bottom line. Thatís all that matters. I like putting up crazy stats, but if weíre losing then I wouldnít feel as good about the stats.

AA: I was reading your breakdown by NFL Scouts for CBS, and they mentioned how youíre kind of flying under the radar. Youíre not to me, but thereís a lot of people who are like ďI donít know who this guy isĒ. Do you think thereís a reason that people arenít putting you with Kenny Vaccaro or Matt Elam or some of those other guys out there?

PT: Like I said earlier, Iím from a smaller school in Fresno State. It doesnít have the reputation as a Texas or some of the SEC schools, or anybody further on the east coast. A lot of our games are late, so if we play a game at 6, itís already 9 oíclock out there, so a lot of people donít see me play. Flying under the radar is fine with me. Iím not a big, flashy guy. I donít need all the recognition and everything. Me flying under the radar is fine with me. I always feel like itís not about what youíre doing now, about the Ďpubí youíre getting now or anything, itís how you progress and get to a spot. Iím more about looking forward about how Iím going to progress when I get in to that league rather than being a big name right now.

AA: Are there things that youíd you like to work on, your skills that youíd like to improve at the next level?

PT: Definitely. Even thought this past year I did have great stats and everything, I had a habit of missing open field tackles, and thatís one thing that I really key on for myself and thing that I need to work on the most of anything. Itís just, being in the open field and making tackles, I am the last line of defense. Safeties canít miss tackles really, and thatís one thing I would work on.

Click here for the Rest: Phillip Thomas Interview Transcript - Son of Washington

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Re: Phillip Thomas Interview

Sounds like a guy who has all the right answers for a boy trying to get drafting. Most of these are implemented in them. They all sound the same.
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Re: Phillip Thomas Interview

I wouldn't say that. Don't agents tell players to stay away from teams they want to play for / like?

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Re: Phillip Thomas Interview

This guy?

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Re: Phillip Thomas Interview

If Thomas meant everything he said, I'm even higher on him then I was before. How is he though as far as injuries, off-field issues, etc?
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Re: Phillip Thomas Interview

thanks IB!
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