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David Beckham to play for L.A. Galaxy

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Re: David Beckham to play for L.A. Galaxy

^^Wow, how about next time take some time and read the two posts before you....
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Re: David Beckham to play for L.A. Galaxy

I'm a big DC United fan, and although I agree Beckham is past his prime and was likely overpaid in this deal, it is great for United and MLS in general. His signing will put some new fans in seats, but it likely won't be guys like Buster: 27 year olds from places like PA who don't have a stadium nearby. The biggest impact will be with increased marketing revenue, attracting new young fans and immigrant fans, and attracting better talent from overseas.

Overnight the demand and the price for advertising in the MLS rose drastically. That is great for a young league with revenue-sharing. Second, tons of kids will go see Beckham and other MLS teams at least once and will most likely enjoy the experience. MLS is still a kid-friendly league, just don't sit near the Barra Brava or La Norte at RFK...

Even more important is the fact that Beckham brings credibility to the MLS and will hopefully attract immigrant fans who until now preferred watching their home leagues on satellite TV. This is only bolstered by the fact that additional international talent will likely follow Beckham to the MLS. Rumor is that Ronaldo could come play for the Metroscum.

As for the new DC ownership, I am pretty excited about their real estate backgrounds and connections with DC. Would love to see a new SSS at Poplar Point in 09. A guy at my firm was recently nominated by Fenty to head the DC Sports and Entertainment Commission, so I jokingly told him I'd do pro bono work for him to get the stadium plan moving along...
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