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What The F ????

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What The F ????

Okay now call me an insensitive prick. Call me a man who has no feelings. Call me a heartless monster even. You can call me whatever you want after you read this blog but this is the first entry in my WHAT THE F#$% ?!?! series.
My first topic is about an American hero, a saint; this individual has shown courage beyond all expectations. The imprint that this athlete has put on his sport, this country, the world even has completely blown me away. The mere fact that I was alive to see him perform makes me feel as lucky as the 84 year old man who won the $254,000,000 Powerball. He was a fighter; he stood in front of Death, looked into his cold dark lifeless eyes and said, “Bring it on Mutha F@#ka”! His name has been all over the radio, television, newspapers, the internet, and our hearts. I’m talking about Barbaro. That’s right, A F#*&ING HORSE!!!!!!!
Now I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know much about Horse Racing besides the fact that there are horses that are trained to run when the gun goes off. The people who own said horse get paid, as a matter of fact before he broke his leg at Pimlico, Barbaro had earned/won $2,302,200 for his owners. You would’ve thought that Barbaro had children to care for seeing as though $ 1.2 mil was raised to save him. People cried when he broke his leg, now those folks may have connected with the 3 year 9 month old horse but to ME, I think WHAT THE F#$% ?!?! My friend just called me cruel because I questioned the fact that this should be Breaking News. I knew it would be because of all of the press but seriously, did Barbaro save Little Timmy from the Mountain Lions at the bottom of the well in The Zombie Woods ? NO, he won all 6 races he was in and had The Executive Director of Triple Crown Productions Ed Seigenfeld creaming in his Mr. Ed under roos. “I can make some money off this guy, the Triple Crown is how we make money much like baseball and throwing Babe Ruth in the faces of people every year”, that’s another blog!
Anyway, when the horse died I knew it was over, was it sad? Sure because most likely they were going to take it around the back and plant a 12 gauge next to his temple and BLAM it’s all over. At least if Barbaro was a loser that’s what would’ve happened. So since this happened on national television we have to pour our hearts out for him? The 9-11 attacks were a tragedy, Kennedy being assassinated was a tragedy, the fact that Barbaro’s “courageous battle” is not. ESPN had a piece on The Death Of Barbaro, you would’ve thought Dean Smith died from a year long battle with cancer or something, IT’S A HORSE !!!!!! I have friends with pets and I can understand that connection, heck I was pretty sad when MY fish died. Seriously though for all the people that donated money to this horse do they cry for the millions of horses that are target practice after the ol’ wheels come up limp ? I wonder. Do they write cards to them ? I mean seriously WHAT THE F#$% are you sending cards to a F^%&#@ horse for ? PLEASE BREAK THAT ONE DOWN TO ME !!!!
CARDS?????…………………….TO A HORSE??????

I wonder how many the vet’s lit one up laughing at those because I sure would’ve. Well Barb’s is dead now, and next year there will be another who is supposed to win the Triple Crown. Let’s hope this one can finish the race because I can’t deal with another Barbaro Watch. Where was Dr. Jack Kevorkian all this time, I know he was dying for that call. I hope you enjoyed the read and if you think I am wrong, SO WHAT! I’m sure it won’t be the first time.
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The "punishment" by the league : "It's like getting a ticket for going too fast on a road a week ago and they changed the speed limit today"
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Re: What The F ????

I agree totally about the people who are sending cards to a horse, especially a dead one. Sending cards to ANYONE you don't know personally is a little loony to me. There are exceptions of course, like a wounded soldier who needs to be thanked and prayed for to survive...but when people send cards to athletes or celebrities just to feel good and pretend they're connected to the person in some way, that's not normal.

I was actually pulling for Barbaro to make it. I did feel bad about his injury because I do care about animals...but still, in he was still just an animal. Yes, he was a "fighter" and it was a nice story in terms of medical advancements and making the most of out of a bad situation. We don't need to treat him like a human and we should not be more concerned or upset at his death than we would be a human.
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Re: What The F ????

I am a fan of southern californias horse racing( Del Mar, Santa Anita, and Hollywood Park).
I've been to the races many times and have seen atleast one horse breakdown every 4 or 5 times I've gone to the races. It happens and it's very sad.
If you watch enough horse racing, You follow Horses and Jockeys like you would NFL stars.

With that said, I think its a god damn shame how much pain the owners of barbaro made him endure. They should also be put down. If that was any other horse, They would've been put down on the track.

The reason why the kept his alive is money. They were sitting on a winning lottery ticket.
For those that down follow racing, A horse can make alot of money racing, But the great ones can make much much more at stud.

The top Stud, No not AMD, Stormcat earns $500,000 per foal(baby horse)! Half a mill a pop!
No that is not an exaggeration: http://www.stallionregister.com/pdfs/stormcat.pdf

He makes more money per year than Shaq, Peyton Manning, ARod and just about any other athlete in the world.

Barbaro was kept alive for him Stud Potential. His owners are going to lose out on Million and Millions of dollars.

Barbaro was a victim of greed.

And yes, I think its ridiculous to send him cards and flowers.
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Uncle Phil
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Re: What The F ????

Great post by Jamf explaining the power of horse racing, and the true "value" of these horses.
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Re: What The F ????

Oh I understand why they kept him alive. It's sad because you hear the it is a painful experience for the Horse the whole time yet and still they are still trying to keep him going for the sake of a baby ? I mean seriously. That is just the most heartless thing really because as soon as he drops that first bomb on whatever Dame they set up for him it would've been over for him. My Father-in-Law is a Horse racing fanatic and I talked to him about it and we had some laughs but it all came down to money.
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The "punishment" by the league : "It's like getting a ticket for going too fast on a road a week ago and they changed the speed limit today"
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