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Throw Kurt Busch out of NASCAR

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Re: Throw Kurt Busch out of NASCAR

Originally Posted by BDBohnzie View Post
I understand you don't like Stewart, but Jeff Gordon is no saint behind the wheel either. There's a reason why fans and drivers alike either love or hate Gordon. He's a helluva driver, but he doesn't get a pass as the cleanest driver out there.
I agree...but if I had to pick the top 3 wreckless drivers, it would be Busch, Stewart and Montoya in no particular order. Gordon wouldn't make the top 10...there is an acceptable level of wrecklessness and most play that line, it's part of the game. But the three I mentioned go too far.

SBF's point is Kurt Busch took it too far. He could have just as easily waited until Tony got back out on the track to let him know he didn't like what was going on, but he decided to wait until Tony was at the most vulnerable. That is more wreckless than anything done on the race track to get an edge.
You're right...he did. That I'm not debating...but Stewart has done some crazy stuff too like getting out of his car and throwing his helmet at a car going by.
Do I think it's a totally BS thing to do (Busch), YES. DO I think it's bad for NASCAR...actually no. It brings fans to the game, but fining him was what should have happened (and docking points). I just don't want to see a driver get blasted for losing his head when it happens from a very big name on a regular basis. Why is Stewart exempt from stupidity, but not Busch? That's all I'm saying.
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Re: Throw Kurt Busch out of NASCAR

Looks like his brother is getting thrown out of his car. Smooty probably will enjoy that.

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