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Anyone else see THIS?

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Re: X-Games

Since I can't see Youtube stuff at work Im going to guess and say it's a video of the guy falling after that ridiculous skateboard jump; in which case, yes, I saw that and it was nuts! EDIT: I just realized that the video is titled "YouTube - X Games extreme skateboard fall by Jay Brown," so I guess I was right.

They basically had to force the guy to go the hospital and he walked about a day or two later with a bruised lung and a broken wrist. Considering that fall the guy is luck he's not paralyzed or dead!

This might sound dumb, but i think there is a ton of skill involved just when it comes to landing after some really bad like that happens. He looked like he twisted his body in the air so that he wouldn't land face-first or with his feet pointed straight down, which would have probably snapped his ankles. At the same time, if he had landed on the really flat part in the middle of the half pipe I don't think he would have been so lucky.

In the end, I'm just glad he didn't die so that I don't feel like a psycho watching him fall 100 times in a row.
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Re: X-Games

speaking of falls, i think the show scarred is the best thing on TV. half of those guys are nuts
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
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Re: X-Games

That was some scary stuff
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