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Are all these College Football upsets getting annoying?

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Old 11-11-2007, 11:22 PM   #16
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Re: Are all these College Football upsets getting annoying?

Originally Posted by EARTHQUAKE2689 View Post
LSU is number 1 man and Wisconsin beating Michigan is not an upset
LSU = pretenders.

As far as all the upsets go, if there was ever a year proving the need for a playoff system, this is it. How fun would it be to see LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, Kansas, Ohio State, Georgia, Missouri, and WVU battle it out??
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Re: Are all these College Football upsets getting annoying?

Originally Posted by BigSKINBauer View Post
Hell yeah. did you get to go to the game? I didn't know haynos was your cousin. He was hit really hard on one play down the middle yesterday. He does a great job at TE for us.

How does maryland lose to UNC and beat BC? This is maryland football.
Yeah.... After the game my uncle started giving him shit about the hit and he just acted like the hit was nothing. He was more pissed he dropped the ball.
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Old 11-13-2007, 12:08 AM   #18
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Re: Are all these College Football upsets getting annoying?

Originally Posted by Campbell17 View Post
Why isn't it, they aren;t the team that they were last year, and Michigan was favored by 4 points, on the road at Camp Randall Stadium.

Because before the season started both of them were predicted to slug it out for the confrence before PJ Hill got hurt yall were still in National Championship discussion and everyone predicted wisconsin to win the confrencence in the beggining

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Re: Are all these College Football upsets getting annoying?

Upsets are good for college football. Keeps teams on their toes and keep valid interest in the entire season.

Keep the bowl games for the teams that aren't in the top 8. Top 8 play in a playoff and have the semifinals and finals played at one site. D 1-AA, II, and III have done playoffs for years and years, and it works out just fine.
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