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Bedard trade closing in?

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Bedard trade closing in?

Reports are suggesting a five for one deal could be close sending Erik Bedard to the Mariners. Adam "I'm not Pac Man" Jones was in Baltimore for a physical. Personally I like this trade. I know Bedard is going to be a stud, but he didn't want to be in an Orioles uniform forever, so why not get some value for him before he walks away a free agent or the Orioles vastly overpay him. Any thoughts from the few Orioles fans that still exist?
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Re: Bedard trade closing in?

Yea I'm one. I really would love to see Bedard stay. Although I do not know who would want to stick with this team. Bedard is a stud and will be for years. I think that what is happening is just a disaster. I feel that if you are gonna rebuild a team you need at least a few solid pieces to build off. One of those is Bedard, who is the anchor of the rotation. Another is Brian Roberts. He is pure talent and should not be dealt but
reports say McPhail was been talking with the Cubs. The poor O's are a mess.
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Re: Bedard trade closing in?

Erik Bedard is going to be a top pitcher for years to come. It's unfortunate that he doesn't want to stay in Baltimore, and that Angelos can't get his head out of his ass to save his soul.

Bedard has already told the Orioles that he's going to test the free agent waters after this season (2009 is an option year; I wish I can find the article from which I read that). So why not get what you can for him now, knowing that he has interest in leaving after the year?

The O's do have some good pitching talent (Hayden Penn, Garrett Olson, Adam Loewen, Jeremy Guthrie), so they are using Bedard as bait to obtain good to great prospects and fill holes. This is going to be a young team for the next 2 years or so...MacPhail has no interest in getting top name free agents, so they are going to build within.
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Re: Bedard trade closing in?

Personally I think the more young talent you have battling out for roster spots, the more likely you're to have a team work hard for 162 games instead of just a half a season. Heard Bedard was in Seattle today for a physical.
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