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A-Rod tests positive for steroids

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Re: A-Rod tests positive for steroids

Originally Posted by skinsfan69 View Post

It's not a big deal cause everyone was doing it
cal ripken jr wasnt doing em and thats one of many reasons why he gets shown so much respect.

but to a point i agree with you; if a roided up pitcher is throwing to a roided up batter, wheres the uncompetitive advantage? the only guy who gets screwed is the guy doing it the right way.

go skins!!
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Re: A-Rod tests positive for steroids

Originally Posted by BDBohnzie View Post
This made me LOL...too much pine tar...Who are you? Tim McClelland? Billy Martin?

Unfortunately in this day of 24/7 media, this is bound to be blown way out of proportion. Plus add on the fact that baseball is using these guys as a scapegoat, and trying to clean up their act after the fact.

Asterisk or not, this is an era of baseball. It's not a clean one, but it is what it is. Instead of trying to be angry at the past, go forward with a cleaner conscience. The fact that baseball had no penalties in place at the height of players taking Steroids goes to show you that the brass and players union either knew about it and turned a blind eye (while football continues to develop very strenuous testing) for the sake of rating and popularity, or the powers that be (Bud Selig, Donald Fehr) just don't know what in the hell they are doing.
Well, you kind of misquoted me- I said "IF David Ortiz was using too much pinetar...."

I don't disagree with you, especially the part about Fehr and Selig being idiots AND turning a blind eye to steroids. I'm not really "angry" at the past per se, I guess disappointed is a better word.

But in today's world, if anyone expected a mild reaction to A-Rod testing positive for steroids... Well, that's just not very realistic.
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