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boxing/ UFC fans?

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Re: boxing/ UFC fans?

Originally Posted by itvnetop View Post
What I like about MMA is the fact that fighters need to evolve quickly or else risk losing very quickly- hardly anyone dominates their division anymore, besides guys like Anderson Silva, GSP and BJ Penn. It's really cool seeing different fighting styles merge into one complete package- and knowing that you have to be able to fight standing up and on your back in order to stay at the top.

On a side note, did anyone else think Shogun actually beat Machida in the last fight? Damn scorecards!
I'm not a huge MMA fan but I do like to watch the bigger MMA fights because it can be an exciting sport when they start brawling. Some of these MMA KO's are crazy but I just can't stand when they get on the floor and start "dry humping" I'm a boxer and there's some MMA fighters that train at my gym and the boxers and MMA fighters always talk shit to eachother (all in good fun, nothing disrespectful) but we all have fun. Sometimes we'll fight eachother and none of them can put up a fight when we box and I've fought some of them who are 30lbs above me. I can put up a decent fight when we do the MMA fighting until they get me on the ground so aside from the shit talking they respect us and I have a lot of respect for them cause I know it's a tough sport but I'll never enjoy watching grown men wrestling and dry humping on the ground that's just my opinion but other than the ground fighting I enjoy the rest of the sport
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Re: boxing/ UFC fans?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. guaranteed $41.5M purse for Saul Alvarez bout - ESPN

41.5. im simply stunned. For 1 fight. 41.5 million for this douchebag.
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