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Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Other Sports

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Uncle Phil
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Tell Us About Your Playing Days

We've done this thread before...read about SmootSmack's diva behavior here

http://www.thewarpath.net/parking-lo...ying-days.html (Tell Us About Your Playing Days)

But I thought we'd start a fresh one for some of the new guys to share anecdotes with us
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Living Legend
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Played Basketball since I was about 12 years old (24 now). I played 2 years in H.S and 2 years AAU, Was able to travel to multiple states and play against folks from all over the country. I'd say that Kansas has some of the best basketball in the country. Best player I've ever played against was Sonny Weems(Ark) in Memphis one year. Guy is a freak talent probably had 45 points that day easy. I still play in Rec Leagues today, I'm a pretty good shooter mainly 3's. Solid size 5'11 200LBS, Just Love the game and the competition.

Played football also in HS, Free Safety but sucked ass! LOL But hey I love football just as much in fact even more than basketball.

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Living Legend
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

football played 6th and 7th grade rec league, played WR and LB and neither really well. I enjoyed the organized game, but backyard football was much more fun at that time.

In my highschool years really got into volleyball; organized rec leagues, high school, and doubles beach volleyball. Was pretty solid earning all district awards in HS.
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The Starter
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Played football from 8th grade to 12th grade. played all over the place in 8th grade, but settled into QB/holder once i got to high school. Started at QB here and there, and i was the holder on my team when it won the virginia state championship. pretty cool.

attempted to land on a semi-pro team in WV in 2005, but never made it off the practice team. Finally accepted football was over in 2006 for me as a player, which is when i got into boxing and mixed martial arts....
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

I ran year round in HS... most memorable moment was getting smoked by Ronde Barber in the 200 (at an invitational).
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Played LL Baseball and then basketball in junior/senior H.S.

Outfield and Point Guard, high point was co-captain in 8th grade at only 4'11". Bench warmer in H.S.

I stopped growing at 5'6". Muggsy Bogues was a role model for me.
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