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Kimbo Slice wins pro boxing debut

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Kimbo Slice wins pro boxing debut

Video: St. Charles Man Lasts 10 Seconds in Ring with Kimbo Slice - St. Louis News - Daily RFT

I'm happy for Kimbo. As a mixed martial artist, I always felt his true calling was to boxing, and i know how he feels when he states that he has always been more comfortable with boxing, this is my feeling sometimes too, especially after the leg injury last summer, but thats another story.

I know he's only 1-0 in boxing, but as a professional fighter, he has 6 wins against 2 losses. He should for sure have much more success in boxing than he did in MMA, but all things considered, going 5-2 in MMA, and even going 1 and 1 in the UFC is a hell of an accomplishment for a guy who used to be homeless and sleeping in his car after Hurricane Andrew took away his family home.

I didnt like him at first from the backyard videos, i like others thought he was just a street thug, but my perception of him was instantly changed when I met him a couple Octobers ago. It was 2008 i believe, and i couldnt get over how friendly Kimbo was to everybody. I ran into him in catering at one of the events i was at and he talked to me for a good 15 minutes and was friendly like he had known me for years. I was surprised at how much of a down-to-earth, friendly, caring, and surprisingly gentle man he was. You can see the emotion in his face when he talks about how much he loves his sons, who are all named Kevin, and how much of a joy it is to him being a parent.

Honestly his scary image is the only thing thats scary once you really get to know Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson. He is a great guy and I hope his management keeps him away from the slimy types in boxing who will take advantage of him. Kimbo is a generous man and I hope he has someone in his entourage who is keeping a little money back from his purses for when his career is over in a few years from now so he doesnt end up broke.
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