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Active NBA Player Jason Collins Reveals Himself To Be Gay

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Originally Posted by mlmpetert View Post
Anyone else think that Jason Collins is trying to make some money on this? A journeyman free agent, at the end of his career who makes the point of brining up the fact that he still wants to play basketball in his op-ed/announcement. Would you take the over or under on him coming out with a book within one year?
Na, I think he's made his money. At this point what does he really have to gain? I really do believe that this was about him being himself.
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Re: Active NBA Player Jason Collins Reveals Himself To Be Gay

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
Don't care. Not a news story. Don't give a shit about his sexuality. Might as well have a breaking news about his height, weight, and race. Only bigots think this is ground breaking.

edit: It's still a better story than anything Tim Tebow related. **** that guy...seriously.
Can you expound upon this? It's certainly not ground breaking that a gay male is playing on a professional sports team. It is a first that he's actually out while still being active (not retired, like John Amaechi).

If it's not ground breaking, it's certainly more than "not a news" story- it's lead sports headlines, morning talk shows and talk radio for the past few days. Two Presidents also thought it was enough of a landmark moment to actually call Collins. I'm not sure how everyone else's social media networks look, but a diverse cross section of my friends are commenting on this story (including those not even into sports).
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Re: Active NBA Player Jason Collins Reveals Himself To Be Gay

Originally Posted by Mattyk View Post
I say good for him if he spins in to something positive for himself. It still takes courage as a male athlete to come out. Hopefully more will follow. The quicker they do the quiThe cker we can put this in the past and move on.

Exactly the way I feel. If he doesn't capitalize on this than he's a complete idiot, imho.

Im taking the under on a book coming out in 1 year. I will also take the bet that he ends up playing next year. And I see an attempt at politics in his future. Possibly a short stint at broadcasting.
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Re: Active NBA Player Jason Collins Reveals Himself To Be Gay


Dolphins WR Mike Wallace Comes Out As Stupid Asshole | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
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