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Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Parking Lot

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Old 05-02-2004, 03:15 AM   #1
Uncle Phil
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Tell Us About Your Playing Days

I get the impression that many of us have played organized football at some point in our lives, so I thought it might be fun to learn a little something about everyone's playing days.

I'll start. I played in a rec league from 6th-8th grades. Then I played a couple of years in high school before switching to other sports. On offense I was a running back, used sort of like Chad Morton (sweeps, draw plays, receiver out of the backfield) and on defense I played nickelback. Had a knack for the ball and could hit, but not a fundamental tackler by any means. Returned punts/kickoffs on occasion. Wore #28, then #36 and finally #1. When I played in the rec league, my team went undefeated every season but we lost the championship game three years in a row.

My shining moment-ripping the ball out of a receiver's hands and running it back into the end zone for a game winning overtime touchdown. My Leon Lett moment-slipping on the wet endzone grass and falling flat on my ass as the ball came floating toward me with no defender in sight....then doing it again on the very next play!!

Ok, well that's a little about my days on the gridiron. What about the rest of you?
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Special Teams
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Well smootsmack let me tell you about my short stint playing football.When I was a freshman in high school I weighed about 210, wich is how much I still am but the difference is I was only 5'5 then.Needless to say I wasnt the fastest or strongest on the team but I still played hard.One day at practice A d-line guy fell on my leg sideways and I felt my knee snap.The coach had to put my leg back into place and believe me I thought I was going to rip the face mask off my helmet it hurt so bad!That pretty much ended my football playing days(well organized football at least).My one claim to fame was when I got run over by Jermain Lewis.HE was a senoir on varsity and I was a freshman on jv at Eleanor Roosevelt.

Believe it or not they actually gave me number 69 and I didnt even request it!
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Franchise Player
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Nice idea Smootsmack, here goes. Back in England in the old days of the British American Football League ('85-'88 I think) I had a couple of friends I'd intorduced to the game a few years earlier who actually took the time to find a team. That team was the Ealing Eagles and my friend Shane played safety. He was a psychotic little sod who just loved hitting people, a really gifted athlete and very intelligent. He picked up the game in no time and after a couple of seasons he suggested that I come and play. They didn't have any slots on D (not that I'm built for anything other than CB) so I was thrown into the WR pool. Turns out that it's not as easy as they make it look on TV, I must have been the worst receiver to ever play. Every down I came on I'd have no clue what I was doing, where I was lining up, nothing. So I'd just line up, sprint off and try to drag a defender with me. I nearly got our star RB killed on a sweep where I should have blocked a LB. I went back to just watching on TV after that season. It gave me a huge appreciation of the game.
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Contains football related knowledge
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Same as you Smoot, I played Rec League football from the time I was 6th to 8th grade then High School JV and varsity one year each. I was a fairly big strong kid but slower than molasses in January. I played offensive guard and def. tackle. Everybody new that, on defense, you couldn't run at No. 65 and that on offense the guy playing opposite me was not going to get any sacks (I didn't give up a sack until my second game varsity year). I was part of several goal line stands and, in my second rec league year, we clinched the division championship on 4th and goal with about minute to go.

Buy my junior year in high school, I was really little to small for line play but too slow to be linebacker or tight end. I had only played offense in my sophomore year and really did not enjoy that as much as defense so I stopped playing.

Played rugby in college - now THAT was my kinda game. "Rugby players never quit - we just eat our dead"
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Thank You, Sean.
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I played from from 8th grade through Varsity. I was never anything special, I just loved football overall and had alot of fun playing it. I didnt start my jr year on varsity and was hurt my senior season, so my Varsity experiance was kinda dampered. The only season I was ever a important part of my team was my JV Season. I wore #84(TE) then #51 ( Dline ) #56 (Center/Dline) and finally #61.

My shining moment was a JV boot play. I was in at center for a kid, who was one of my best friends, that got a concussion. At the time and we pulled the center on the play. When the qb boots around, the center boots out infront of the entire line and swings around to take out whoever was chasing the quarterback. I pulled around and absoultley leveled the kid, bare none the best hit I have ever had in all my years in football. I looked to the sidelines to see the kid I just replaced jumping up and down and going crazy for me as I saw the trainers trying to take care of him. It was really the only thing I can look back at, as somthing special that I myself did. I had some great feelings as a team too. High school football was great, some of the best times of my life.
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I played two years of modified ball as we called it, (7th and 8th grade) and two years of JV. I played both ways, starting at center and defensive end. I went to a small high school and most of us played both ways. Back then I went about 6-2, 210 which was pretty big for a kid my age.

One of my favorite memories was in practice actually. It was in 8th grade and we were still trying to sort out who was gonna play what positions, and I really wanted to play DE and I finally got my shot to line up at end. The first play I got to the QB and tipped his pass, the next play it was a pitch to the HB to my side and I met him just as he caught the pitch and just flattened him. At that point the coaches were taking notice, so the coach called a sweep to my side and I shook off the TE and made a diving ankle tackle to bring down the back. Keep in mind this happened on 3 consecutive plays, well, my coach went nuts, he came running up to me, grabbed me by my facemask and screamed "I think we just found our starting DE!". I was on a natural high for the next week for so, LOL.

I didn't play varsity ball unfortunately. Instead I thought working and having a car were more important, looking back now that's one of my biggest regrets, not playing those last two years. If I could go back and do it all over again I would have played all 4 years and busted my tail. I'm not saying I could have gone to some big college and played, but I think I could have had a shot at a smaller sized state school or something. Ahh what could have been.

I had some nice glory days in college playing flag football too. One year we won it all and just steamrolled everyone. Our average score was something like 35-6. I was the smallest guy on our line at 6-3, 250, we had a brickwall for a line it was great. The next year our QB who was incredible graduated so we had to find a new guy. We got back to the championship game but lost, if we had our QB from the year before we definitely would have won two in a row.

Oh yeah my # was 82. Orginally my coach had me pegged for TE, but once I got a shot at DE I stayed there. Funny how I got to play center, one week we had an away game and we had to leave school early to go. The kid who played center couldn't go, his mom wouldn't let him leave early, LOL, so the coaches asked who wants to fill in at center and I was like sure I'll give it a shot.

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Puppy Kicker
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Unfortunatly our school never had a football team. Being as I'm not exactly built for footabll 5'10 - 6'0 depends on who's measuring and 150lbs now, I was 120 as a Senior. So I was always too small. We played in a flag tourny for school and our team went undefeated till our RB broke one guys nose and another guy got stiff armed in the forehead and got pissed. They then stopped the league.

Very interesting to read about everyone's experience! Keep it coming!
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Old 05-02-2004, 09:56 PM   #8
Uncle Phil
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I had some nice glory days in college playing flag football too.
Oh yeah, I forgot about college flag football. That was a lot of fun. I got suspended for a game for picking the quarterback up and driving him to the ground (then ripping the flags off) on a blindside cornerback blitz. I'm only 5'7" and it was probably out of line but dude was mocking my girl's football ability! It was co-ed so she agreed to play, though all she did was run around, if even that.

This is definitely fun learning about everyone's playing days.
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Impact Rookie
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The extent of my football playing is 2 Hand Touch (neighborhood ball) and Flag Football in PE. (I played soccer as a kid)
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around the time i started filling out for my height (i was about 5'10 in the 8th grade) and not being as closed off and shy, my family and i had to move up to iceland(dad was in the navy.) needless to say they didn't have a football team (even though the different commands had flag football teams) but lucky we got to play flag football during gym. at the time i was about 5'10 and 215 or so and was seen probably a bit as a nerd but after that first game it was so awesome to have everyone wanting me on their team. i was deceptively fast in short bursts and had a big play, td catch or int, each game. the play i remember the most was when i had gone up the field on a slant and the qb of my team looked like he had thrown it up to the other team cuz the only guy nearby where it looked like the pass was coming down was my old best friend. just as it looked like it was gonna fall into his lap, i jumped through the air in front of him and plucked the ball out of the air with one hand and walked into the endzone like that was how it had been drawn up. my friend had this look on his face like, what the hell just happened.

shortly after we came back to the states, i dislocated my knee, which still pops out every once in a while, and since then i've only been able to play catch with my family and friends. if that hadn't knocked my out from playing football, when i slipped a disc in my back last year would have, lol. it was kinda kewl to find out i went to the same highschool plaxico burress had just graduated from the year before.

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Uncle Phil
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Really old thread I'm bumping up here...but with so many new members I thought it'd be cool to learn some more about everyone's football past
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

I had a gift early on and it was evident playing with the boys on the sandlot. I never lived in a place with a POP Warner league and I never went to a Middle School that had a team. Sad to say I did not get to play organized football until the 8th grade.

Now I know that some people will say that 8th grade is Middle School, but I beg to differ. 8th grade in the state of Oklahoma is Junior High school (7th, 8th, and 9th grade). The one year that I lived there I went to Tomlinson Junior High School and I played DE on the JV squad. Considering that my body type was of a WR many of you might think that this is odd, well, so did I. Since I had never played organized football I did not fully get the terminology. When we were in offensive practice I thought it was defensive and vice versa. So when they asked for backs I went and practiced with the running backs when I meant to practice with the DB's. When they asked for ends I went to practice with the DE's instead of the Split Ends AKA WR's. Needless to say I was clueless especially when I was asked to line up in a 3 point stance.

My D Line coach put me on the right side in drills and fell in love with my speed off of the edge. He did not let me leave the defensive line after that so I was stuck there the entire time I played there. I racked up 9 sacks in 4 games in a division that primarily ran the ball out of the I formation. I would get murdered against the run though. Don't get me wrong I was a sure tackler, but I would always get knocked back a few feet before I made the stop.

In the middle of the season my step dad got out of the Army and we moved back to MD where once again I went to a middle school with no football team. The following summer we moved again to Virginia. The rest of the story is meant for another day. I will leave you with this. In highschool I played WR/DB and not on the D-line. Playing in Oklahoma at least made me a bit smarter.

Edit: The above post was in the beginning. The following link was near the end.

http://www.thewarpath.net/parking-lo...tml#post375314 (If you could have one back.)

The good stuff and the great times were in the middle, yet to be posted.

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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

I played Maplewood Football for years as a kid here in the DC area, and then played in high school as well. My junior year on varsity I was a DE, but I've got pretty good hands. I got moved to TE my senior year, and I played on teams as well. We went 10-0 which was pretty awesome. TE in our offense didn't catch a ton of passes, mainly a blocker, but I still hauled in 25 grabs or so. Haven't played since, but I have some great memories.
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Living Legend
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

I won't lie.

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Wildcard Bitches
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Re: Tell Us About Your Playing Days

Oh wow... Like this thread.

I had a pretty sweet opportunity given to me when I was in high school. I went to St. John's @ Prospect Hall in Frederick (now known as St. John's Catholic Prep....gross) and we actually did not have a football program at all. My freshman and sophomore years were spent, gasp, on the golf team. I did not mind golf, just always felt football was in my blood.

At any rate, We all filled out these surveys on who would play football and suddenly by my junior year we had a team. Once two-a-days started I had no idea what position I would play. They bounced me around 7 different positions and finally settled on linebacker and tight end. Our first season we went 9-1 and got a lot of publicity. It was so much fun winning pretty meaningless games, and getting more press time than the local teams that have been doing it for years and years. I can still remember getting interviewed by the local sports news team and saying something dumb like "I love the smell of football" while all my friends were laughing behind the camera. Good times.

My senior year was just as good, if not better. We didn't win as many games, but the games finally had meaning. We were in a league, and the games mattered. We finished 7-3 I believe, and broke 13 Maryland state passing/receiving records (look them up... I'm sure some of them still hold).

The last game I played out of my mind. I was so pumped up for the crowd, and it was senior night, my last night under those lights... I don't know. Everything just clicked. That game I caught 10 passes for 190 yards and 3 touchdowns and led the team in tackles. It was silly. I ended up playing one year of football at Catholic University, and then transferred out to never play again. Although... I think I'll probably try our for the Skins this season....
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