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Peter King's Misfortune

Parking Lot

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Peter King's Misfortune

I got a kick out of this one:

SI.com - Writers - Monday Morning QB (cont.) - Monday August 14, 2006 11:38AM

Per King, "The Illinois Tollway must be run by a bunch of idiots. Last Wednesday morning I had to drive from north of Chicago, site of the commissioner derby on Tuesday, to Packers camp in Green Bay. Easy drive, a little more than three hours.

So around 6 a.m. I'm heading west on Lake Cook Road, a major thoroughfare in the burbs there, toward the tollway up to Wisconsin. As I get in the lane to enter the tollway, there's a sign that says you've got to have an automatic toll tag or exact change at this toll plaza. I did not have four quarters. I had, actually, 92 cents.

There was a sign saying if you didn't have the right change, call a number and report the time, the vehicle plate number and the tollbooth site, and you could remit the correct toll by mail.

Are you kidding me? In order to take this road without a pocketful of change, you have to stop, write down a phone number, call the number, report all this information, AND THEN mail a dollar bill WITH ALL THE INFORMATION YOU REPORTED WHEN YOU CALLED THEM UP! Kill me now. Please. Kill me now."

I live just off Lake Cook road, and it's always bad during rush hour. IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) is full of a bunch of morons. King is right. But I find it hilarious that something so much the norm for folk up here can get some idiot sportswriter so riled up. I don't think King, of all people, has a right to bitch.

Did anyone else catch this.
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Re: Peter King's Misfortune

The only thing I caught is "Kill me now." and I'm loading up my shotgun.
Regret nothing. At one time it was exactly what you wanted.
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Re: Peter King's Misfortune

Originally Posted by TheMalcolmConnection View Post
The only thing I caught is "Kill me now." and I'm loading up my shotgun.
Took the gun right from me.
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Re: Peter King's Misfortune

Hope he gets his wish!
Hail from Houston!
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Re: Peter King's Misfortune

peter king is a waste of my thought process. i think i have one
"It's better to be quiet and thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt."
courtesy of 53fan
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