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Need help with sign ideas.

Parking Lot

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Need help with sign ideas.

I am going to go to the MNF promo tomorrow and they mentioned to bring a sign.

I need you guys' help coming up with something interesting. I know if we put our heads together for a winner. And if Im selected to be on the commercial it will be obvious proof I was there and used your sign idea. So please help its for Monday Night Football promo that will kick our season off. I think the whole acronym of MNF is played out but I need ideas b/c Ive never been a sign guy before, except once which said I hate Shockey.
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Re: Need help with sign ideas.

Braves on the Warpath.net!!!!
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Re: Need help with sign ideas.

T.K + M.T. with a splash of J.T. mixed in = espn monday night football. does that sound dumb or what?
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Re: Need help with sign ideas.


Check out Mike Hedrick - The Next Food Network Star.
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Re: Need help with sign ideas.

Poster board and marker= $4.99
Favorite players jersey=$69.99
Start of Redskins football season=priceless!

You could use a T.O joke in slot#2 as well.

Make sure to put Thewarpath.net across the bottom!
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Re: Need help with sign ideas.

The priceless thing is getting old...just my opinion though.

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