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New Girlfriend

Parking Lot

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Wildcard Bitches
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Re: New Girlfriend

Originally Posted by TAFKAS View Post
Tell her it is offensive and that's why you like the name...then proceed to go on a 15 minute rant offending everyone, then kick some puppies

Daseal can help find the puppies for you. There are certain breeds that are better suited for kicking, but he's the expert on it. He's like our very own Dog Whisperer
black and yellow labs are ideal for kicking.
This is what happens when you find a stranger in the Alps!
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Re: New Girlfriend

Originally Posted by NAVYSKINSFAN View Post
So. I just started dating this girl. Everything was going wonderful and everything still us but... we were walking around Mac Authur center mall and went past the redskins store there. I went in to check out some stuff and she went without complaint. Here is the problem. She made a comment that the skins name was offensive to native americans. It was not big deal and she just kind of slightly metioned it, but I'm sure that one day soon its going to come up again.

So.. I am trying to get ready now cause I am sure that at somepoint (probally in the middle of a game) this topic of discussion will come up. How do you guys and gals defend against this kind of comment. I have not really given it much thought myself. I don't find it offensive but then again I'm not native americian.

Help out!
id just try to avoid the topic of the racist issue or whatever. when shes like "man redskins are offensive to native americans!" just make a comment about the game, or change the subject to like "i really like those new jeans on you" after a second or 2 delay or something. if she pushes it or if this is a constant problem shes gotta go
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Re: New Girlfriend


She dont like the 'Skins? She gotsta go....
Offensive? Can you say CLASSIC?
Puppies? Jack Russells and Pomerians(little yappy dogs) are great for kicking seeing as how they fly pretty damn far....lolol
The redskins pocket is like my love life.....nonexistent and disappointing. -OnceWeWereKings
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