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Stock Market

Parking Lot

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Re: Stock Market

Originally Posted by itvnetop View Post
Is that the guy who sounds like he's hopped up on too much java? He looks like he's going to have an aneurysm at any moment hehehe...
That show makes me laugh... literally. I'll switch by and I just have to stop and watch that circus for a few minutes.
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Re: Stock Market

My company contributes 10% (based on my salary) into a 401k, no matter what I put in. Next year, I will be 100% vested. Other than the growth numbers they provide, I don't really know much about the various funds they allow me to move my money between. At the moment, I'm just playing around with about 30% of the value in funds labeled something other than 'stable' . Can someone give me some opinions about my options here?

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Re: Stock Market

Here is what the 401(k) advisor at my old company told me. Have a diversified portfolio and be sure to have monies distributed across different degrees of risk.

The younger you are, the easier it is to go with higher risk options (International/Foreign Funds, Small Cap Funds, some Mid Cap funds). The closer you get to retirement, the less risk you want (as to not lose your shirt) in your portfolio (some Mid Cap, Large Cap, Gov't Bonds, Money Market). Morningstar provides some in depth analysis of all the Munies out there.

If the option is available, and you're unsure of your financial prowless, see if your 401(k) has options for "Profile Series". These are pre-diversified options that let the fund managers choose what is in your profile. Most are split between Conservative, Moderate and Aggressive (to varying degrees).
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Re: Stock Market

Originally Posted by GhettoDogAllStars View Post
Here's a good stock to start with:

HA. One share will take a lifetime to save up for!

The key to success...

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Re: Stock Market

A lot of the investing strategies depend on how far down you need the money. If you have a USAA account, their website has a lot of good info on investing. Of course, as great a company as they are, take everything with a grain of salt when it comes time to pay commissions.
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