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Meet The Newest Member To The Skins Family

Parking Lot

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Old 01-11-2007, 08:58 PM   #16
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Re: Meet The Newest Member To The Skins Family

My mom bought me a dog when I was 12. He wasn't a rott, but a pure bread black lab. This dog was as big as a house. I weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 110 lbs and I could ride that dog around the house, LITERALLY! He had the wierdest habit. He liked the taste of wood stain. He used to chew on the window sill in my room. He wouldn't chew anything else, not chew toys, not even shoes. Thats the reason I was convinced he liked the taste of stain.

His name was also Harley. He was killed by a car one night after he got out of the house. My neighbor found him and buried him for me so I didn't have to look at him. I would have loved to see the damage he did to whoever's car it was that hit him. I'll bet that guy thought he hit a horse or something.
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Re: Meet The Newest Member To The Skins Family

Originally Posted by Riggo44 View Post
Thatís a really cute pup. I had a Rottweiler for 12 years. She was the best dog Iíve ever had. My only advice is to socialize her early so that she gets used to being around people and other Dogs. You really donít want to have an antisocial dog. Especially one the size of a Rott. Some people say that Rottweillers are mean dogs, but if you raise them with love I think there the nicest most loyal dogs out there. Good luck with Harley.
ps. Lots & lots of chew toys.
Yeah, they have gotten a bad rap over the years due to irresponsible owners. This is my first Rottweiler, but I've been around/raised all kinds of dogs my whole life. I've had Weimaraners, Basset Hounds, Labs, German Short Haired Pointers, English Setters, and various crossbreed mutts.

She has already met my mother's labs and lots of people. Sometimes when she meets new people, we need to correct the people more than her! They usually see a 'cute little puppy' and start trying to rough house with her. Not a good thing to be teaching her.

She has lots and lots of chew toys, but her favorite chew toy is the Christmas tree. She loves it, and we haven't been able to correct that one yet. We are probably going to leave it up a little longer than normal just so we can eradicate that behavior.
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Re: Meet The Newest Member To The Skins Family

Thatís hilarious about the X-Mass tree cpayne5. My Rott Roxy chewed up everything until she was about 1 Ĺ. Then she finally figured out she liked rawhides the best. The first year I had her she chewed the wood off my parentís French windows in the back yard, 2 hoses a pair of Air Jordan 4ís the cord of my Dads light table, the wood wheels on our patio furniture. The edge around the door to her dog house, the armrest on our old wood swing. About three pairs of thongs and the back seat in the VW bus that I had in high school. And probably a bunch of stuff I donít remember. Other then the chewing as a puppy Roxy was the best dog anyone could ask for. She died of cancer about 3 years ago wich really sucked. But I guess 12 yrs for any dog over 100 pounds is pretty long life.
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Old 01-12-2007, 11:30 AM   #19
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Re: Meet The Newest Member To The Skins Family

Friends of ours have been staying at the house since relocating to the area from 'Zona, and they have a Rotty named Guinness, and she is the sweetest thing in the world. Thinks she's a lap dog...
Bad Things man, I mean bad things...

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Re: Meet The Newest Member To The Skins Family

YEAH! Great dog!


My dog Buster has a Skins jersey with his name and #99 (his birthday is Sept. 9).

You'll probably want to invest in one of these too...all Redskins fans should have one to chew on even if they don't have a dog:

Football Referee Dog Toy
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