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Parking Lot

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Old 02-02-2007, 04:10 PM   #31
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Re: Heaters...

Originally Posted by TheMalcolmConnection View Post
That's good to hear that we're not crazy. During summer, we didn't run AC much and used fans and it was down to around fifty bucks.
Have you ever seen one of those 4x4 fans which mount in the ceiling which draws air through the house and into the atic. My sister has one in the house they purchased and she laughed at me when I said it would do a good job cooling the house in the summer. She loves it and they only have to cut on the air on hot days and nights. They really do a good job of sucking air through every opened window cooling the house.
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Re: Heaters...

My parents had one of those when I lived at home. During summer though, as I mentioned earlier, we get a LOT of wind, so the good news is we have a great breeze coming through during summer. It's this winter cold that sucks!
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Re: Heaters...

We have had a cold spell the past couple of weeks. I was under my house last weekend hooking up the water to my garage and I had several places that had no insulation and other places where it was falling. I had never noticed this before and after fixing those spots I could tell a difference right away. So for anyone having drafts in their home it might be wise to craw under for a look.
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Re: Heaters...

Originally Posted by firstdown View Post
How do you have such a low electric bill?
I am not sure to be honest with you. My oven/stove, fridge, and washing machine are really the only appliances that run off of electric other than the usual like the tv, computer, and whatever else. Everyother month the bill is estimated. Also my oldest child is only 5 so I am sure that as my kids get older my bill will go up with them not turning things off and whatnot.

My house is forced air furnace heated, dryer, and hot water tank all run off Natural gas and I am on there budget plan where I pay about $150/month. Even in the summer when I only use Natural gas to heat my water and run my dryer when my clothes are not hanging outside.

Recently the natural gas company in my area uped the bill by 75%. And everyone was upset for such an increase. Then when the weather wasnt that bad the gave everyone a break on their bill by cutting it by 5%. So at the end of the day they only uped the bill by 70%. So anyhow you ask anyone up here about National fuel and you will be hard pressed to get anyone to say anything good about them...
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Old 02-03-2007, 12:44 PM   #35
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Re: Heaters...

sounds like you guys are lucky as hell when it comes to your electricity bills,I live in houston,house is about 1600sqfeet,I was on balanced billing with Reliant energy,about 6 months ago,bill went from 220.00 a month to 400.00 a month!!! my house is all electric but come on!!
since then I installed a clothesline in the backyard,put on window tinting,switched to all flourescent bulbs,timer on hot water heater,and switched electricity providers,and the lowest bill I've got was 220.00,and I think that was for about 11 or 1200 kwhrs,and thats the very least I can use,looking at my old bills I used 1500 to 2600 kwhrs a month depending on the month
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Old 02-05-2007, 10:05 AM   #36
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Re: Heaters...

Just moved into my townhouse at the beginning of November. Set up similar to 8588, forced air furnace with dryer, hot water, and stove running off of it. Electric fridge, washing machine, dishwasher.

I've been averaging about 30 or so a month electric (paid really low 2 months, then a high 3rd month (manual meter check)), and about 90 for natural gas.

Keeping the thermostat at 70 has helped, along with it being fairly warm in December and part of January. I have a feeling this week coming, the thermostat's gonna go up...thinking about getting a programmable themostat so I can have the temps lower while we're gone.
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