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50 to 48 = 2 missing

Parking Lot

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[QUOTE=skinsfanthru&thru]I don't believe I once said gay parents would raise their adopted kids to be gay. That makes it seem like there's gonna be brainwashing involved or soemthing. I just said its an unfair position to place the child being adopted. Beaten kids have the option of seeking help and possibly being put into foster care or in the care of other relatives, but a child being bullied and verbally abused because of their parents choice of lifestyle doesn't have the option of saying they don't want to be in that position until they're of legal age. There's a higher possibility for a lot of therapy to be needed for a child raised in that type of enviroment than in a normal family enviroment.
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I was not refering to you saying that. If it sounded that way then I am sorry. Man it is a shame we don't live in a perfect world. And I am not saying that a gay coulple is the best situation either (just maybe the best option). As a person who has worked with juviniles on probation I have seen my share of abuse and neglect. The main thing that I have noticed is no matter how bad the parents treat them all they have to do that one thing right and all is forgiven. So kids being beaten at times go untreated and at times when reported and investigated nothing gets done. Perfect example The Boy Called It by David Pelzer, in which I recomend reading. As far as living with a gay couple I guess I can say I am 2 sided (John Kerry) about it. It could be good for the kids being in a loving family but on the other hand the kids could get made fun of at school by fellow students or have trouble with it growing up.
I think I will say a prayer now how lucky I had it growing up. I am just glad that I was raised in a good strong values household.
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yep, divorces are just too common now, glad my family didn't get to have that pleasure...
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Originally Posted by Redskins_P
If Kerry is clown.......then what is Bush considered? A genius? Come on now.....

You can lead a man to knowledge, but you can't make him think.
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my bid for a utopian society: everyone does what i say.:cool-smil
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Originally Posted by Skins fan 44
What I am saying about the senators (Kerry and Edwards) missing wor; they, their party or whoever need to be their representing them when in session instead of missing votes. They were elected to speak for the people and not campaign. This was by no mean bash democrats. All I was saying is they need to have representation there if they can't be there. If a republican senator 4 years from now does this I would think they should have a fill in also.
Republican senators have missed plenty votes campaigning in the past as well. i'm sure Dubya missed many governor duties or whatever he was doing before the presidency during (stealing of?) the election in 00.

seriously tho, the constituents who elected these officials are most likely very happy for their representatives to run, and on votes where numbers really count, i;m sure either they or a fill-in would vote. i'm sure anyone who voted for either Kerry or Edwards thinks them campaigning against Bush is the best possible action they could possibly be taking.
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