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Gun Restrictions and Your Rights

Parking Lot

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Re: Gun Restrictions and Your Rights

Originally Posted by offiss View Post
Maybe when you figure out how to get rid of drugs first, people will listen to your theory about getting rid of guns, let me ask you, how would you plan to get rid of all these guns? Are you just going to tell people to do it? Or are you going to force them to do it? And if it's the later by what means would you force them??????????
I think it would be very difficult, but not impossible. But regardless of the feasibility of a weapons ban, I certainly don't think loosening gun laws and increasing gun ownership is the smart thing. I'll leave it at that.
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Re: Gun Restrictions and Your Rights

Originally Posted by GhettoDogAllStars View Post
This is kind of off-topic, but I felt it was appropriate to say, given the nature of the discussion:
I would like to create a "people's army". This army would not be controlled by any government agency, and its focus would not be armed conflict. The focus of this army would be to prepare themselves to take power from the federal government at a moment's notice. Since the government derives most of its power from money, the people's army would focus there. I imagine that this army would be comprised mostly of computer experts who would always have their hands in the government's business. They would break into federal computer networks, and always be ready to strike. If the time came, they would start draining money out of government accounts.

The major effect of this army would be the increased caution of the federal government. You see, the idea is to never have to use the army. The idea is to make the government think twice about infringing on the people's liberties, due to their concern about how the people's army might react.
I like this kind of Idea, but as I read it outloud I realilized something. We have a "peoples army" inplace. Now it might not work as fast as you have indicated, but our founders thought of it. Its called VOTING.

Just out of curiousity, how many people vote on here?

Also, as for anyone who is from PA can attest. This "peoples army" thing works with voting. Just in the past year or maybe 2 years the PA goverment officials voted to give themselves something like a 60% raise. Shortly after they did that, just about everyone in PA threatened to vote there represenative out of office, which caused some to kindly decline the raise they had just got.

Also, I do agree with everything Beenmseven has said in here on this topic. I too have a PA protection permit which entitles me to carry a consealed firearm. Even though I have the permission of PA to carry a consealed firearm I don't. By rights I could carry one hidden in my car, but I don't. Just because one can have the right to carry a consealed firearm doesnt mean that they do all the time if ever. It just the satisfaction of knowing that I have that right to protect not only myself but my 1 year old and 3 year old daughter and my 5 year old son and my wife.
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Re: Gun Restrictions and Your Rights

This post was absolutely unnecessary and therefore has been deleted.

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Re: Gun Restrictions and Your Rights

This is a tragic story. I am a firearm lover. Gentlemen, make sure that you have an intruder before you fire a shot in the dark.

Florida Man Mistakenly Shoots Fiancee - ABC News

Florida Man Shoots Fiance By Accident | WJBF
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