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How did you become a Redskins fan?

Parking Lot

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I was born and raised in a small town in PA, where just about everybody and there brother are Steeler fans. I was 8 years old when the Redskins were led by Doug Williams to defeat the Denver Broncos. That was it. I started to pay more attention to football and have ben a fan ever since.

I also think that when I was little my dad used to take me to the home town football game beteeen the public and catholic school. The Catholic school has the same colors that the Redskins have. So when I was little I would associate them with the Redskins and I thought that they played on tv and stuff like that. Needless to say I did play for the catholic school too.
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I was a football fan from a very early age. I loved 'Inside the NFL' as a kid almost as much as cartoons. I didn't really have a team until SB XVII. Riggins and the 'Skins won me over that day and I've been a die hard ever since.

Living in NY I get quite a few 'Skins games a year so it's not as bad as you would think, plus there's always the sports bars. Both Giants games are always on, and with the Philly and Dallas games usually at least one game each of the series is on TV. Then there's the usual 2-3 primetime games and a couple of national games.

Growing up my parents ran a bar and we had a couple of satellite dishes. So on sunday's I'd hang out in the bar and watch the Skins. I think the old guys got a kick out of this little kid decked out in Skins gear glued to the TV.
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Originally Posted by That Guy
thanks, probably innate geekness showing up again... I apologize, I can't help it
That's good!! Your a funny guy!!

I became a Redskins fan in 1982 on one of our familey trips to Virgina for X-Mas. My Uncles and Grandpa are big fans and I wanted to hang out and watch the games with them. The Skins were getting ready for the playoffs and my Grandpa was really into the games back then. I really didnt like pro sports yet, but I liked haging out with my Uncles. So John Riggins and the Redskins became the frist and only football team I would root for. And the rest is history...
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