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Food Pictures to make you hungry

Parking Lot

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Re: Food Pictures to make you hungry

Originally Posted by Sammy Baugh Fan View Post
My 3rd and newest pit got here after 9pm.

My Dream come true!!!!!!
That is one of the sickest pits I've ever seen. Good show man.
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Re: Food Pictures to make you hungry

sbf, is this how you make your living? or a very expensive hobby?
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Re: Food Pictures to make you hungry

This spring I started Pit Pirate BBQ, LLC. with long time good friend Tim Bauckman who owns Tim's Rivershore Crabhouse on the Potomac River in Northern Virginia.

I've got to take and pass the Food Safety class and run over to the County Building and file my new business license but I am booking gigs already.

The plan has evolved from me just doing catering and then some roadside concessions to now we believe I need a small carryout location because of the love people have for my BBQ and all.

I hope to make enough with the business to afford me time and money to go and compete much more than I am right now.

STU, goes to Cornilus Griffin's house tomorrow to drop off his tricked out cars and I set a 2X Black Pit Pirate Polo and a couple of T-shirts and huggies for him to have. Stu will talk me up and I hope to get some parties from players once they taste my food and see my bling. lol

Thanks for asking
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