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Merged: The Movies Thread

Parking Lot

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Re: Merged: The Movies Thread

Originally Posted by NC_Skins View Post
Better than any of the other comic book movies sans The Dark Knight perhaps. Comparing the two is really hard because one is so dramatic/intense while the other one is loose and fun with incredible characters. James Gunn absolutely knocked it out of the park with the casting and characters brought to life. The theater cheered afterwards those because those guys were so entertaining.

I'll say this, a tree and a raccoon are my new favorite heros. Those guys fucking owned.

Another bonus treat is the sound track. I'll most likely be going back for a second viewing this weekend.
I agree, great movie. The characters were all really well cast and developed (even Vin Diesel was awesome as Groot; which is pretty amazing for a CGI character with literally one line) and the humor was probably the best part of the movie. Every time it got to a scene that would normally be cheesy or sappy, they threw in a joke or two. Effects were ridiculously good and it never seemed to lag.

Definitely worth seeing in the theater.
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Re: Merged: The Movies Thread

my expectations for this movie are starting to become unreasonably high .. which i hate bc when i go see the movie i will walk away feeling somewhat underwhelmed bc it didnt cure male pattern baldness.

you know what they say about expectations ...
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Re: Merged: The Movies Thread

Film Industry Has Worst Summer Since 1997
Or at least if they have, it isn't in a theater. Ticket sales to movie theaters in the U.S. and Canada are expected to sink to about $3.9 billion, a 15 percent decline when compared to summer of 2013, according to box office company Rentrak. In July, box office sales were down 30 percent, the New York Times reports.

For the first time in 13 years, no summer film netted $300 million in ticket sales domestically. Not even Marvel's "Guardians of the Galaxy," the highly-anticipated superhero film that led this summer's box office sales, could save the summer. And as Vox notes, a dry summer is an especially hefty hit. Summer is when the film industry banks on people heading to theaters, typically producing the greatest months of ticket sales.
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Re: Merged: The Movies Thread

Watched Lawless on Netflix last night. Very good movie, I think it was one of Shia Lebouf's last big roles before he started giving the finger to big box office movies. It was about the Bondurant brothers running moonshine during the prohibition era in SW VA. If anybody's looking for a good movie to kill time on Netflix check it out.
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Re: Merged: The Movies Thread

I've seen some real crap lately, but picked up "Killer Joe" from a couple years ago staring mcconaughey surrounded by an outstanding cast and wow really amazing movie. Killer script.
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