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car insurance

Parking Lot

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Re: car insurance

Originally Posted by paulskinsfan View Post
PLEASE DON'T DO THAT!!! I don't know what the min coverage is in VA, but in WVA its 20/40/10, meaning 20 thousand per accident, 40 thousand per occurence. Sooo, if you cause an accident, they only pay the injured party up to 20 grand, which comes really really fast if anyone is hurt. THE MOST IMPORTANT INSURANCE TO GET IS UNDERINSURANCE. That means if the yahoo that hits you has minimum coverage, your own insurance kicks in. Sooo, lets say some idiot runs a red light and T-bones you. You're in the hospital with 15k in bills, and he's got the min coverage. He coughs up his 20k, and then your insurance will cough up some as well, but ONLY if you have underinsurance coverage. I hear what you guys are saying about "full coverage" but with some of the idiots out there, I wouldn't risk not being covered in the event of an accident. Medical bills and lost wages pile up pretty darn fast.
No doubt it's a risk but one that I'm willing to take. I think VA's coverage is 25/50/20; just stating, not promoting. Once again, I concede it's a risk.
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Re: car insurance

Here is the advice of a licensed insurance agent in VA (sorry, life & health)...

Call several independent agents in the phone book... find one you can trust. They have a wide range of companies available... make sure you deal with a reputable agent... go with your gut on that...

When they present a company that you have never heard of, ask what the AM Best rating of that company is... this is an independent company that rates the financial stability of a company... you are looking for a grad of A++ - B+... stay away from anything else...

Some agents may try to use other rating systems that will make the company sound better... so, make sure you are getting the AM Best rating... you can also look it up yourself in the local library.
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Re: car insurance

thanks a lot guys for all your help,, this has been really great and helpful info from everyone. i never knew how hard the process is of getting a car, insurance registration etc... hopefully i'll get a car by this weekend and take it from there, its just really hard to pick a car cause i dont really know whats good out there and what will last and at the same time i want something that looks pretty decent , as far as insurance goes im kinda leaning towards Safeco,, the quote i got was $960 for 1st 6 months. anyone else has or heard of safeco ?
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