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B-52 carried nuclear missiles over US by mistake

Parking Lot

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Re: B-52 carried nuclear missiles over US by mistake

Originally Posted by That Guy View Post
apparently you've never been in the air force... there is nothing but accountability. it's preached along with attention to detail every single day. i'm pretty sure the people who goofed up and the people that let them goof up, and the people who saw the mistake and didn't report it will all get to fill out paperwork and have personal "meetings" with their commanders.
I would guess the base commander and everyone in the CoC down will all be reprimanded and the entire base will be running extra excercises for the next month or so. The base commander might even be sent packing to a new crap assignment.
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Re: B-52 carried nuclear missiles over US by mistake

i think the personal protection from public scrutiny is an important thing, honestly. it avoids the media circus and saves a LOT of man hours and possible op-sec violations from having those involved say too much.

but, i mean, if you lose a screw while working on an airplane, no one is allowed to leave until it's found, and there's plenty of yelling for that too, so i kinda trust the military to punish those in the wrong without much outside involvement.
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Re: B-52 carried nuclear missiles over US by mistake

Most people would be very surprised to find out how many nuclear weapon related accidents there have been, including a few "Empty Quiver" events. A few of the bombs have never been recovered. The most famous of these is the Tybee bomb. In the late 50's an air collision lead to a bomb being lost into a swampy area near Savannah, GA. The army couldn't find it so it is still there somewhere. There were also 3 bombs lost in North Carolina near Greensboro. Pieces of the bombs where never found and fell into the underground water table. The army bought the land so no one could get to the pieces but they are still thought to be down there in the water.

Here is some interesting reading along these lines.....List of military nuclear accidents - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Tybee Bomb - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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