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SBF Weekly Recipe: Bunkbed Birds

Parking Lot

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SBF Weekly Recipe: Bunkbed Birds

Bunkbed Birds on the Big Easy

Hey guys I cooked up a couple yardbirds yesterday afternoon on the Big Easy to show how easy it would be for Tailgating. I wasn't at a game but at home but I think it does show how quick and easy the thing is.

The taste is great but you'll have to trust me on this or come over one day and I'll show you.

In short I had [2] Three and a half pound chickens and I also had a wire rack from an old toaster oven that fit in the Big Easy so I was able to stack them and cook [2] at one time. It was quicker than cooking a larger single bird of the same weight. I'm learning.

Used mainly olive oil and salt and pepper but also injected them with some Creole Butter injection my buddy ole JB down in Baton Rouge done sent me. Good stuff Boy!

I used a small aluminium pan in the Drip Pan and used that to make Fresh gravy. Yummm.

They cooked less then 10 minutes a pound and were done in about 30 minutes. Took them till the breast hit 170 degrees and shut the thing off and took the birds out. Let them and the rack cool for a bit to set the juices and well we chowed down.

The Big Easy was cool enough to load into the back of a truck in about 10 minutes which is great for tailgating. By the time you get done eating put everything away and yer done.


Viddler.com - Bunkbed Birds on the Big Easy - Uploaded by MikeHedrick
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Re: SBF Weekly Recipe: Bunkbed Birds

I always use creole butter injection and rotisserie cook chickens... they are delicious!

Also, a little rosemary on the outside skins is tasty...

nice injection technique, by the way... you look like you've done that before
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