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My Driver Ed. teacher was Darren Sharpers' dad

Parking Lot

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My Driver Ed. teacher was Darren Sharpers' dad

Here is a little info nugget that I thought I would share with you guys. Darren Sharpers' dad was my Drivers Education teacher at Henrico High School back in 1985. Mr. Sharper was a well respected teacher at my school, and he would call all of his pupils his "Sharper" drivers. When we would have some down time in class he would tell stories about his time in Vietnam during the war. His time in that conflict obviously damaged him abit, but other than that he seemed to be a pretty stable man all things considered. He would often talk about his sons and their growing up as kids. Mr. Sharper has two sons that went on to play in the NFL, wow what a pedigree. I think Darren was voted in the Pro Bowl this year, and I know his father is very proud of his son accomplishments. But, with all that said, I still want my Skins to beat that ass this Sunday. Happy Holidays guys! All I want for Christmas is for the Skins to make the playoffs.
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Re: My Driver Ed. teacher was Darren Sharpers' dad

Well, my store does not involve a famous players dad or relative for that matter but it does involve two people that we all know and love, Joe Gibbs and Clinton Portis. I moved in my house about 4 years ago and every so often I would get mail addressed to a Mr. Gibbs, well today someone from MO, sent Mr. Clinton Gibbs a Christmas card. When my wife brought the mail in she was like, "Here is a card for Joe Gibbs and Clinton Portis love child, Clinton Gibbs..." Anyhow I just thought that was way weird...
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Re: My Driver Ed. teacher was Darren Sharpers' dad

ok.. this thread is weird
I really have nothing to say in this matter, please ignore the above post as blowing hot air.
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