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Loose Change

Parking Lot

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Old 02-19-2008, 09:53 PM   #256
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Re: Loose Change

Originally Posted by mheisig View Post
Probably not, which is precisely why people love them - they're almost impossible to prove or disprove.

Taking the skeptics position is great because you can almost always be seen as right and rarely seen as wrong if you phrase things correctly.
hmm sounds like this administration got some lessons in that...cough...Iraq..cough..cough...sorry I'm running a cold.
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Re: Loose Change

Originally Posted by hooskins View Post
hmm sounds like this administration got some lessons in that...cough...Iraq..cough..cough...sorry I'm running a cold.
This administration, the last administration, the one before that, and probably every politician to walk the earth.

To get voted into office you've got to have supportive voters, to get people to vote you tell them all what they want to hear and make sure you phrase it in such a way that it's appealing to as many as possible. Word it properly and you can always claim "Well, we really didn't mean THAT we meant THIS."
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Re: Loose Change

This video has been out for at least a year now. While I must admit it brings up some valid points that should be brought into consideration, I am also skeptical of the theory. To go into detail would require many pages of analytical banter. So to put it simply, if you ask any prior or current servicemember what their opinion is on this matter, the majority will tell you that 911 was not a conspiracy. Case and point my father was working at the Pentagon the day of the attack, and he stands by his word that it was hit by a plane. When I brought up the theory that was revealed in loose change to him over a year ago, he was willing to literally fight me over the arguement. There are not many things that I trust in this world, but the words and experiences of my father are among those that I do. Besides, I would hate to think that my comrades went to Afghanistan and died over a terrorist attack that didn't happen.
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Re: Loose Change

March, 2001 (cue the twilight zone music)

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Re: Loose Change

No pressure, no diamonds.
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