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PC Games

Parking Lot

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Re: PC Games

Originally Posted by BleedBurgundy View Post
Inspired by the comments of Mheisig, I'm wondering what good pc games are out there? I've always been a console person, never getting into pc gaming at all. ( I can't imagine using a keyboard and mouse for gaming...) Still, I'd like to see what else is available. I will say that I have NO interest in Everquest, WoW or any other of that genre. Any recommendations?
Funny you say that, because I can't imagine ever using a joystick/d-pad for a FPS. To each his own I suppose, I just know I'm about 1000x more accurate and fast with a keyboard/mouse.

Call of Duty 4 rocks, but that is true on any platform. Any of the Battlefield games are great, but a little dated graphics-wise.

Crysis will knock your socks off in the graphics department, assuming you've got the hardware to handle it. The most photo-realistic video game ever created in my opinion.

If you like strategy and/or WW2, Company of Heroes is phenomenal. Deep and imersive with just the right amount of complexity.

PC gaming is much more of an enthusiast hobby than console gaming, so be prepared for that. Console gaming is for the person who just wants a simple game and doesn't want to be hassled. PC gaming requires a lot more investment in hardware, tweaking, overclocking (if you are so inclined), but the plus side is that the gaming experience (again, in my opinion) is much more rewarding. Mods alone make PC gaming worth it, as does the increased complexity of something like Falcon 4.0 or MS Flight Simulator. Try to find a console game that comes even close to an almost perfect replication of an air force F-16, of course you've got to be in to that kind of thing.

A PS3 would run you something like $500 or so - right now I've got about $4,500 sunk into my PC and displays. Of course it's also my workstation, the hub for my side business, my music collection, movie collection, media center, etc. so it's really not a fair comparison.

It's apple and oranges really. I may pick up a PS3 or 360 at some point, because I love games like NCAA Football and I think they put a lot more time into Madden for consoles than for the PC.
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Re: PC Games

Originally Posted by mredskins View Post
The problem with PC games is the stupid controller. You never know which one to use it is never universal and it always looks like you can launch the shuttle with the damn thing.

PC Games= frustrating
For about $9, I bought an adapter at Radio Shack that lets you use any PS2 controller on your PC through a USB port.

It's nice.

None of these are the one I have, but they still sell them on eBay and maybe at Radio Shack too:
eBay - PS2 USB adapter items in Sony PlayStation Video Game Accessories - Find IT on eBay

I play mainly sports games on the PC, Madden, NBA Live, MLB games...

I prefer the PC versions because I update the rosters for about 3 years and don't have to buy them every year. I made a league full of college teams on Madden, a custom "Boston Terriers" team with my dog Buster being a big black, mobile QB better than Young and McNabb.

In the NBA game, I download teams from the 70s and 80s complete with big fro hairdos and Converse shoes, and no 3-point line.

You can do ANYTHING editing-wise with the PC versions.
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